• Finding yourself at rock bottom is not a situation anyone plans. 

  • Feb. 25, 2010

    I called my mom earlier this month. It was late for her 9:58 p.m. in Murray, Utah, and late for me, 11:58 p.m. in Levy County, Florida. My mom told me early in January that she'd like me to make calling her more often my new year's resolution. So I did.

  • Driving through Cedar Key is a joy for the eyes.  Our small town has done a great job of keeping the Chain Restaurants, the Tract Housing and any sort of Commercial Sprawl that has infected so much of the rest of Florida out of these city streets. When you hear people talk of Cedar Key, you usually hear things like ‘Old Florida’, ‘Untouched’, ‘Original’ or other descriptions which describe a historic small town like ours.

  • When is the best time for fishing? Is it on the spring tide or the neap tide?

    The best time for fishing is on either tide if a person knows where to fish and what kind of fish to fish for.


     As the Cedar Key Beacon wrapped up its 25th year of serving the island community in September, it seems fitting that Oct. 4-10 marks National Newspaper Week.


  • Dear Editor,

    The Hathcox Reunion was once again a huge success. The staff at the Island Place could not have been more accomodating: the sightseeing trip; the Ellwood fishing trip.

    I have been a member of the Hathcox and Cedar Key community for over 43 years. I've seen many, many changes; the old Cedar Key is no more, but the lasting relationships with the old families is always a cherished reminder of the 60's to present. Don't lose that special touch of yesteryear.

    Hopefully, we will meet again at the annual Old Timers Celebration.

  • A new home town

    Dear Editor,

  • City has done well without restaurant’s help

    Dear Editor,


    Brian Mattice selflessly saved the day


    Dear Editor, 

  • January 28, 2010 

    We all have had those experiences that will forever be etched in our minds. Some moments are simply unforgettable –  and no matter how much we might like to forget them from time to time – it’s too important not to remember. 

  •  Fifty eight degrees. Fifty-seven. Fifty-six. Fifty-five. Groans filled our van, accompanied by shouts of “Nooooo – make it stop!” 

  • Energy Advisory Panel UPDATE

  • Dear Editor, Levy County Friends, Business Owners and Community Leaders,

    As a concerned resident and member of the Cedar Key Energy Advisory Panel (EAP), I am writing to you to encourage you to attend an upcoming educational seminar that is planned for Oct. 22, from 1-3 p.m., at the Cedar Key Community Center on “Alternative Ways to Manage Solid Waste (trash & recycling).” As our waste hauling contract runs out in the spring of 2010, now is the time for us to be thinking about more economical and environmentally friendly ways to manage our solid waste.

  •  Hey everyone hope all is well. I had a kinda boring week as far as charters go, but I had by far the most exciting for my business and my overall passion for fishing. My excitement for fishing started early and kinda cruised until I was 19. That’s when the every weekend redfishing kicked in, that’s what it took to kill the bug work all week. To fish one day just didn’t seem fair. I fished my first tournament in Wacassassa Bay in Oct.

  • When I was growing up my mom stayed home. She worked, and worked, and worked. At home. She had 10 children. Twins were born at the end, myself and my sister Wendy. My mom was a master of talking on the phone, cooking, and carrying on multiple conversations with me or one or two of my siblings and looking out for us at the same time.

    Before computers and the internet, she was the original multi-tasker.

  • Well, what can I say? I had a couple of drinks too many so I decided to stay in Cedar Key and fish. (As good a reason as any.)

    Alas, 3:30 in the morning approached and I was tired of letting the catfish off my hook. I threw out the poles anyway and stuck them out the window of my vehicle, kicked the seat back and waited for the drag to sing. I would doze for a few and check the bait again later.

  • Hey everyone I hope that the long weekend was full of busy cool fun or very laid back an relaxing, which ever one you were shooting for.

    I was out 2 days this week an’ man let me say this: I can't remember a full moon lock jaw like I saw this weekend. Our 100 percent full phase moon came Friday night and it seemed to put the brakes on ‘em. Most stories had over sized redfish and some small ones but what I noticed based on the stories and my trips, is the quantity and the quality fell off a bit. But we had a cool snap with a full moon.

  •  While preparing for my first-ever CLAMerica experience, gathering material for the Beacon’s Special Section and learning all I could about clamming, I realized how little I really knew about the industry that encompasses so much of this community of islands.

    I immediately went in search of a clam farmer who would teach me. Just my luck, the first clammer I approached happened to mention that he would be out on the water the very next morning – on a Saturday.

  • AAA has announced a Safe Summer contest to run from July 1 through Sept 9, inviting high school and college students to produce effective communication campaigns that will help AAA spread the Buckle Up message and otherwise promote driving safety.

    The contest is a grassroots effort designed to engage teens and their peers in conversations that will improve driver safety, by encouraging them to create effective avenues and messages.

  • Dear Editor,

    In the article Warren Parkin wrote for the July 9 paper (Natures Landing Under New Management), he did not learn that more than half of the Natures Landing owners have been very pleased with the service that JD and Pam McCormick provide in renting the units and have stayed with them. Their office is now on C Street, next to the Drummond Bank and just around the corner from where your office was previously. Thought that you would like to know.

    Malcolm Cox


    Dear Editor,