• Growth management changes bad for Florida

    Dear Editor,

    In the aftermath of the 2011 Session of the Florida Legislature, there were significant changes to Chapter 163, Part II of the Florida Statutes. This chapter is better known as the Growth Management Act. Florida’s growth management experience began in 1972 with several legislative acts regarding state, regional, local planning, and water management. Taken together, this legislative activity was a historic watershed in Florida planning.

  • Time for a new face

    Cedar Key has had the same City Commissioners for a few years now.   

    If you have been to many of their meetings (as I have) you probably wonder why the same faces are still there.  

    Mayor O’Neal, my opponent, voted against the successful recycling program ----- twice.   The first time he said he disagreed with the contract wording.   The second time he said he voted against it “on principle, because he voted against it the first time” (reference April 28 issue of the Cedar Key Beacon).  

  • Letter to the Editor

    Three years ago I was hired by Tarmac as a receptionist, working part time in their Inglis office. I was already work- ing one part-time job, so the extra work with Tarmac was really helpful. It allowed me to work full time, which is hard to do in this economy since there just aren't many good jobs available.

    My job with Tarmac was even more important when I got laid off from my other job two years ago. Knowing the financial difficulty I would have only working part time, Tarmac increases my hours to make up for part of my lost hours.

  • New horizons in Cedar Key

    To the editor:
    Once again, St. Valentine was right on time.  Our business, Kayak Cedar Keys, has awakened from a long winter nap.  Business is good, particularly on the weekends.  It is great to see so many of our winter guests back with us, as well as first time visitors to Cedar Key. 
    I am particularly happy to see so many folks out on the water paddling and enjoying our winter birds, dolphin and magnificent sunsets.
    I am encouraged by the new leadership at our Chamber of Commerce.

  • Unhappy about CLAMERICA cancellation

    Dear Editor,

    My family spends their annual vacation in Cedar Key. We are always there the week of the Fourth of July and we par- ticipate in the CLAMERICA festivities from sunup 'til sun- down. We eat all the delicious island food, my children par- ticipate in all the games and I have participated several years in the clam cook-off contest.

  • Thank you, Lillie Rooks, Nancy Bell

    The citizens of Levy County owe a huge debt of gratitude
    to both Ms. Lillie Rooks and Ms. Nancy Bell as they retire
    from service on our Levy County Commission. Ms. Rooks
    and Ms. Bell have served with high distinction, honor,
    integrity and good faith for many years.
    Ms. Rooks and Ms. Bell generously gave of their time,
    treasure and talents while ensuring many positive Levy
    County changes have come to fruition. As the November 2,
    2010 election results became final, we sincerely hope these

  • Cedar Key's crown jewel — City Park

    I've lived from California to New Jersey, Michigan to
    Florida and now live on A Street across from the City Park.
    Never have I seen a park utilized as much as CK's City Park
    (festivals, kids playing football, movies and X-mas in the
    park, etc.).
    However, three improvements need to be done now.
    1. People ask me all the time where our beach is. The
    beach is being overtaken by grass. Take the city's backhoe,
    pull up the grass, and import sand to make it a "great beach."

  • Learn from St. Pete Beach experience on Amendment 4

    Dear Editor ,
    Many local papers have recently posted a very eloquent
    letters from local conservationists urging voters to vote yes
    on Amendment 4.
    They claim it is a vote to improve your rights and "hometown
    I would remind all voters and property owners that to
    change or modify our comprehensive land plans requires a
    series of public notices and hearings.
    These hearing are required to advise everyone of a proposed
    change to your land plan. This process allows the public

  • Why Amendment 4 is a good idea based on Yankeetown’s experience

    1. Fosters a sense of community and personal involvement

  • Attack on Davis wrong

    As you know from our telephone conversation I take great umbrage at your editorial and especially the Budget Workshop column on the front page of the Cedar Key Beacon of Sept. 16.
    The third paragraph of that column was a direct attack on Commissioner Heath Davis and added nothing to my understanding of the meeting but seemed a vindictive, vituperative assault on Heath Davis, a commissioner and former mayor of Cedar Key.