Today's News

  • It’s the fishin’ that makes this town great

    Hey, everybody, Hope all is well and you are all stayn’ as cool as ya’ can be. I’m having such a hard time right now with my identity.
    Well, usually I want it to be calm because my boat isn’t the best at handling rough weather — it’s just too flat. But lately I been praying for some wind so me and my guests won’t bake to death. So right now I’m kinda confusing myself.
    But all’s good. This weekend was a good one - very little rain threat and some wind to keep it cool. But not too much, so it was rough.

  • Water, electric don’t mix

        It is recommended that you have your dock and boat inspected periodically for bad wires and loose grounds. Any time a person is in the water around a dock or boat where there is AC power, electrical shock could occur.
        A boat plugged into shore power with a short on board is dangerous and the owner may not be aware of it. AC current may enter the bonding system if an AC ground becomes disconnected then electrical current can enter the water by way of a bonded thru hull fitting.

  • It gets better ... Really

    Things tend to look worse before they look better and the same holds true for road construction. Whiddon Avenue has been out of commission for weeks, but the end is in sight. The men from Ciraco Underground haven’t let a little bad weather stop them and work continued Tuesday with spreading rock and packing it down for the two layers of asphalt to come.

  • Kids summer program wraps up

    Eighty-seven kids from the Cedar Key and Rosewood area have been lucky enough to attend the summer youth program at the school and are wrapping up this week.
    Normally, the program runs longer, however this year, funding was only available for four weeks and the majority of it goes to pay $150 per day to the school for use of the gymnasium and one air conditioned room.

  • Pet o’ the Week

    Cassie Lozier, age 10, and her dog, Chase, take a break in front of her aunt Julie Gore’s shop on State Road 24. She, her two dogs and a friend had been out collecting sea water for a new salt water aquarium she was assembling - with some help. They later went out and caught a variety of ocean critters to stock the tank with and, according to her aunt, it’s coming along just swimmingly.

  • How to catch right bait to get that big one

    Well folks, from week to week I dig around in my back pocket to find a topic to cover in “this week’s article.” This week’s idea came from a picture a new client of mine took of me while I was catching bait. 

    So this week we will cover live baits and the fish you can target with those baits. 

  • Cedar Key students take on Washington

    By Janeice Smith, 5th Grade Teacher,  Cedar Key Elementary

  • Ask a lawyer

     Q. A judgment has been entered against me, but i didn’t know about it. Can they do that?

  • Ken's Cedar Keyside Diner - a new place to eat in town

    Hungry for classic foods - with a twist - while surrounded by images of classic cars and grooving on classic tunes? Then stop by Ken’s Cedar Keyside Diner on Dock Street. 

  • Pet O’ The Week:

    Some tales are hard to believe, but this one is absolutely true as relayed by Miss Grace Cowart and her mom, Molly.