Local News

  • The Ultimate Survival Challenge

    Suzette Cook, Reporter

    Jimmy Boyle is standing on a deserted island off Cedar Key. He is dressed in camouflage. The beat of tribal drums echoes as the aerial footage captured by a drone scopes out the uninhabited landscape. The music fades as the camera zooms in on Boyle. He offers this challenge to the viewer: “Whoever outlasts each other through the effects of hunger, dehydration and mental insanity will gain the pot prize.”

  • County to provide building and plan review services for Cedar Key

    Suzette Cook, Reporter

    Levy County Development Director Robert Boulette said his staff is prepared to enter an inter-local agreement with the City of Cedar Key for provisions of building and plans review and inspection services per Florida building code.

    According to Boulette, Cedar Key lost its contract services as of July 1 and has five permits waiting for review and approval. At the July 16 Levy County Board of County Commissioners meeting, Boulette got the go ahead from the Board to establish an agreement.

  • TV series puts spotlight on local shellfish industry

    Suzette Cook, Reporter

    How To Do Florida, a television series that takes viewers behind-the-scenes to places throughout the State, features several businesses in Cedar Key in this week’s episode “Florida & Big Bend Shellfish Trail.”

    The show featuring the Shellfish Trail will air on TV 20 this Saturday (July 20) at 1 p.m.

  • Lighthouse beams first time in 104 years in Cedar Key

    A large crowd of residents and visitors gathered together in Cedar Key on July 5 to begin a new island tradition. The lighthouse on Seahorse Key was lit for the first time in 104 years and a celebration was held on G street so the patrons could view the light beaming from the lighthouse tower.

    The Cedar Key’s Light Station light was extinguished in 1915 due to economic hardships, making the number of ships embarking to the island less and less.

  • UF and FSU scientists launch shark course

    Suzette Cook, Reporter

    The experiment: Pair a University and Florida evolutionary biologist and molecular geneticist with a renowned Florida State University ecologist and launch a shark course about sharks and rays.

    Add 13 students who have interests in marine science, nuclear science, biology and wildlife management and split their time 50/50 between lecture and labs at the Florida State University Coast and Marine Lab (FSUCML) and the University of Florida’s Seahorse Key Marine Lab at off Cedar Key.

  • Pioneering S.A.L.T. graduates honored at CKS

    Cedar Key School awarded five young men with the first ever S.A.L.T. (Sharks Aquaculture Life Training) Certifications at a ceremony on May 22.

    Opening the celebration, CKS Principal Kathy Lawrence welcomed everyone to the first inaugural celebration of the S.A.L.T. Program. Citing that this year their instructor and five students passed the Florida Aquaculture Industry certification test.

  • Vaping is risk to local teens

    Have you noticed more and more teens and adults carrying around fancy looking contraptions? The bringing the somewhat odd piece to their lips, inhaling, then exhaling a large plume of smoke, almost engulfing them? Welcome to the new age of vaping!

    On May 20 at the Cedar Key Libeary, Cedar Key Vice Mayor Sue Colson welcomed guests to the first in a series of talks regarding drug addiction and mental health issues recently affecting the city in a negative light. The talks will run all summer, each based on a different topic and spaced 5 to 6 weeks apart. 

  • Shine bright like a diamond

    By Suzette Cook/Reporter

    Engineer and lighthouse enthusiast Dan Spinella is wedged up in the top of the lighthouse on Seahorse Key. It’s 95 degrees out, but a slight breeze is entering the chamber through an open door with and with the help of fans stationed at the base of the two-story spiral staircase beneath him.

    “I haven’t worked in a lantern this small before,” Spinella says has he wrestles with the first several boxes containing parts of a 36-inch tall lens.

  • Tassels to the left

    By Suzette Cook/Reporter

    On May 25 at 9 a.m. the graduation ceremony began.

    Thirteen Cedar Key School seniors entered the same gymnasium where they competed in sports or took part in PE class throughout their time spent as Sharks.

    With a white rose or a sunflower in hand they each proceeded down the center aisle flanked by 7 benches on each side, one for each student’s family members and then some.

  • County to auction off 42 properties

    By Suzette Cook, Reporter

    Investors looking to buy property in Levy County can show up at the Levy County Court House on June 17 at 10 a.m. to bid on 42 parcels.

    The properties have been escheated or reverted back to belonging to Levy County. The County researches escheated properties and decides on which parcels to keep as investments and which parcels to offer up to the public to enter them back on County property tax rolls.