• Good news for Florida Tourism

    Preliminary estimates of visitors to Florida, from April to June, released by VISIT FLORIDA®, show an increase of 6.9 percent from the same period in 2010. In addition, 5.6 million pleasure trips were taken by Florida residents in-state during the second quarter.

  • Dig out Granny’s heirloom recipes and start making money - Cottage food laws take effect

    Many innovative people are seeking new ways to make additional money for their families in this struggling economy.  One option, to generate some extra cash, is to cook that highly prized, old family recipe at home and sell it to the public.   

  • Pricing your products for profit

    One of the most difficult tasks an entrepreneur has is pricing their products. Pricing is one of those things that requires experience and experimentation. Set prices too high, and revenues fall. Set them too low, and though revenues increase, profits plummet.

  • Cedar Key Canvas makes the cut

        A lot of good things have been happening at Julie Gore and Sharon Ingram’s shop, Cedar Key Canvas lately – some good and some even better.
        Unbeknownst to Julie, a customer (her mother) nominated the shop for a made in America contest sponsored by ABC’s World News with Dianne Sawyer. Her mother did eventually mention it but the women both forgot about the nomination. That is, until the day a producer from the show called and left a message that they had made the cut.

  • Gulf Cart Co. offers carefree rentals

    Notice some sleek looking golf carts driving around with solar panels on their roofs? Well, you certainly won’t see one on the side of the road with a dead battery. That’s because the Gulf Kart Company, located across the street from City Park, is now sporting state of the art trickle chargers powered by the panels.
    Owner George Oakley has been in the business for about 16 months and every time a customer would leave with a cart, he would worry that their battery might die and, that did happen once or twice. But, no more.

  • Hardware store winner

    Roland Senecal of Cedar Key no longer has a reason to leave his tools sitting around the garage or house thanks to a Father’s Day giveaway by Chiefland Ace Hardware. Eric Brinkman, store manager, presents Senecal with the prize — a Craftsman tool chest.


  • Ken's Cedar Keyside Diner - a new place to eat in town

    Hungry for classic foods - with a twist - while surrounded by images of classic cars and grooving on classic tunes? Then stop by Ken’s Cedar Keyside Diner on Dock Street. 

  • Cedar Key Canvas featured on ABC World News

    The 200-year-old fishing village of Cedar Key is a place full of opportunities for exploration. There are many shops, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries to see as one meanders down historic streets and talks with locals. One of those shops is Cedar Key Canvas.

    Cedar Key Canvas has been manufacturing individually crafted canvas handbags, purses, luggage, duffels and totes since it opened its doors in 1986.

  • The Sea Breeze Restaurant

    The iconic timber frame and glass building on Dock Street has housed the Sea Breeze Restaurant for more than 20 years and is now owned and operated by Jamie Griffin of Fanning Springs.

    Griffin is not exactly a novice in the restaurant business. He bought Betts Big T in Chiefland about a year ago and he has been in the business for more than 25 years. Originally from Bronson, he started the “Bronson Restaurant” next to the old motel.

  • Thanking your customers

    Showing your customers you appreciate them goes a long way to instilling loyalty, yet so few businesses make this extra effort. Just look at it from the customer’s perspective. If all you ever see or hear from a company is a bill, you are not going to feel a particularly strong sense of endearment to that company.

    Some business owners think an occasional e-mail to clients is adequate, especially if it is sent by one of their staff members. However, I strongly recommend that you, the owner, personally call and thank your clients.