This is what we do in Cedar Key

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By Danny Allen

Hey everyone. I hope all is well and you’re getting a chance to soak up some summer sun in February. These days are perfect in my mind, because I like cold winters. As you’ ve heard me preach about the need for cold fronts is one reason. But the other is, folks, it’s hot plenty of months and a little cold weather never hurt no one. Not to mention, it’s great for the gas mileage and house electric bill.


But this week is filled with cold nights, cool mornings and perfect afternoons. And hey, those perfect afternoons are filled with fish catching and great picture taking opportunities. And last I checked, that’s what we do here in Cedar Key. That’s what we’re known for. So lets fill the whole month of February with this weather pattern – what do you say, Bill Quinlin, serve it up buddy.

We had our season kick off meeting with the Elite Redfish Challenge. It was pretty much a success. We had teams preregister for the season and we had about 35 anglers show up to go over the specifics and had lots of great conversation. We are really expecting to have a great season. This week will be filled with collecting sponsor monies and getting our weigh-in wall ordered. Also, I wanna invite anyone and everyone interested to check out our Facebook page//Elite Redfish Challenge. We also have a website, www.eliteredfishchallendge.com.

I want to invite any business who is interested is advertising with the ERC that it’s a great opportunity and it’s cheap. Contact me for details.

Folks, the world is full of salt, so get a little on ya.