Shark News for the week of 12-17-15

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Christmas program traditions cut short

By Emily Smith, Shark Correspondent

The Cedar Key PTO gathered in the school’s auditorium on December 2 to discuss their new agenda. It was announced that there will be a bike raffle, with $1 tickets being sold by elementary students. Two lucky winners will go home from the Annual Christmas Program with a new bicycle, sponsored by PTO. All funds will go toward the Young Authors Organization.

Unfortunately, the other well-loved traditions of the Christmas Program have been cut short due to lack of parent involvement. Secretary of PTO, Marissa DeHaven, commented, “In order to stay up to the same level we’ve been in the past, we need more participation.”

This year, there will only be performances from the children. During the intermission, light refreshments will be available and the book fair will be open in the library.

A Sweet Success: 23rd Annual Pie Auction

Emily Smith, Shark Correspondent

The annual Cedar Key Junior Class Pie Auction was dubbed a success as the juniors added over $3,400 to their funds that night. As always, support from people all over the county, numerous families and generous members of the community is what made the event prosper. Junior class sponsor Lisa Smith commented that she is incredibly proud of the class for their participation, especially the kids who baked desserts for the first time. “It’s a blessing to see the people of Cedar Key and Levy County come together to support our students year after year in this tradition!”

Sixth grade visits the Florida Natural Museum of History

Savannah Howard, Shark Correspondent

Just recently, the sixth grade classes of Cedar Key School had the opportunity to take an educational field trip to the Florida Natural Museum of History in Gainesville, FL. Both classes are currently studying and expanding their knowledge on the Earth’s early civilizations and how they developed.

The staff of the museum gave special presentations to the students using real life animal fossils to help them make connections to what they are learning at school. One of their favorite presentations was the “Building of Fossils.” This presentation gave the students a hands-on experience where the students were given fossils and had to piece them together and determine what animal it was. “The fossils the students pieced together was a sea turtle,” according to Mrs. Janice Smith, sixth grade teacher. Cadence Girdler stated, “One of the exhibitors had cool fossils that showed how tusks were essential to the animals.” Trinity Keller said, “The whole field trip was amazing!”

Cedar Key School 2015-2016 Yearbooks are on sale

Savannah Howard, Shark Correspondent

Need a great holiday gift for your shark student? Look no further, The Cedar Key Journalism class is giving a “holiday special” for the upcoming 2015-2016 yearbooks. The holiday cost for one yearbook is $35. This price includes free name engraving- giving personalization to the book.

Act quickly; as the holiday price will only be here until December 18. After that, the cost will go up to $45. Along with all holiday yearbook purchases, a personalized gift card to give to your shark student will be available, so Santa will have something to put under the tree! Please visit the CKS front office or a journalism student for more information and to purchase a yearbook. Happy Holidays!

Levy County District Speech finals

Jesse Crawford, Shark Correspondent

After advancing through multiple speech competitions, classroom and school wide, Cedar Key fifth grade student, Megan McCain, sixth grader, Morgan Richburg, and eighth grade student, Kelli Quinn, moved on to the Levy County District Speech competition that took place on Dec. 3 at Bronson High School, competing against the other winners of the county.

Mrs. Jessica Sloan, the host for this year's speeches, was excited to announce that all three students stood 3rd place in each of their categories at districts. She stated, “I’m very proud of them for their hard work, and I know how hard it is to get up and speak in front of people.”

He shoots, he scores!

Jasmine Kish, Shark Correspondent

On Thursday, December 3 at 5 p.m., the middle school boys’ basketball team took on Creekside at Cedar Key School. The boys took off, scoring an 18 point lead in the first quarter. John Boyle started the shark frenzy scoring the first two points of the game.

The star eighth graders were Wade Gore, Michael Smith, Codie Cowan, and Michele Di Bari. Codie Cowan had 13 assists throughout the entire game and Michael Smith racked up on rebounds all night. Wade Gore scored two three-point shots back to back, sinking them in the hoop with ease. Michele Di Bari had a great play when he stole the ball and dribbled all the way to the three-point line scoring.

Sixth grader, William Knight, scored four points in the game for his first time playing.

Codie Cowan wanted to say a few words to his team, “I thought we did good offensively, passed the ball around constantly, and that’s exactly what Coach Joe wanted us to do. Good job guys.” The ending score of the game was 36 - 18. Congratulations to middle school boys’ basketball team.

Go Big Or Go Home!

Alora Beckham, Shark Correspondent

The Cedar Key Lady Sharks played the Lady Minutemen at the Cedar Key Gym on Monday, December 7 at 5:30 p.m. The Sharks came out with intensity and determination, knowing it would be anyone’s game.

During the first two quarters, the Sharks were behind by only 10. Coach David Tomlin reminded the girls “that it’s only 10 points”, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to win. After half time was over, the Lady Sharks pushed themselves, and took the lead, with a score of 20 - 23. The crowd was roaring and stomping at every basket the girls made. The Lady Sharks won 22 - 29.