Sea to Shore speaker at library Saturday

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The Cedar Key Garden Club is sponsoring a guest speaker at the Cedar Key Library on Saturday, Jan. 5, at 10:30 a.m. int he upstairs meeting room. The speaker will be Dr. Jennifer L. McGee and she will speak on the Sea to Shore Alliance.

McGee is an associate research scientist with Sea to Shore Alliance and an assistant research scientist with the University of Florida-College of Veterinary Medicine. McGee has been involved in wildlife rescue, research, and education outreach for more than 15 years and served as the student representative for Sea to Shore Alliance throughout her dissertation. Based in Florida, Sea to Shore Alliance works to protect and conserve our world’s fragile coastal ecosystems and the endangered species that call them home. Project areas are broad but they all focus on one of three key species: manatees, sea turtles and right whales.

McGee will be discussing several of these projects that span the Southeastern United States, Belize, Cuba, and West Africa combining the technical expertise of trained ecologists and biologists with the passion and enthusiasm of citizen volunteers to educate the public, protect endangered species and conserve our coastal environments.