Santa Clam arrives Saturday

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Lighted boat parade at dusk

By Lou Elliott Jones

Santa Clam says he is looking forward to Saturday when he hitches a boat ride with Carl and Eve Robinson of Robinson's Seafood from his hideaway to Cedar Key City Park where he will listen to children's wishes.

In an exclusive interview with the Cedar Key Beacon, Santa Clam said, “It will be very much the same as last year.

“It begins with a boat parade and Santa Clam will arrive at the conclusion,” he said. “I'll be meeting with children at the beach at Santa Clam Headquarters as I have done in previous years.”

Accompanying Santa Clam will be the Clam Elfs — Skylar Wirth and Alyssa Anderson of Cedar Key. They also helped Santa with receiving children and handing out goodie bags. 

Santa Clam said he is spending the week getting his distinctive white clammer's boots, foul weather bib, red shirt and hat ready. But that is not all.

“I get my beard trimmed,” said Santa Clam, “because I let it grow all year long. That's because I want it to grow as long as I possibly can for the children.”

And those children are why Santa Clam has agreed to appear at the annual event sponsored by the Cedar Key Aquaculture Association. 


The association's event includes a potluck dinner with free chili, cider and hot chocolate in the park's main pavilion. 

And, the theme this year is helping the Cedar Key Food Pantry. 

The public is invited to attend the free event and to bring non-perishable food items or monetary donations for the food drive, said Rose Cantwell of the association. Sue Colson, also of the association as well as the CK City Council. “We do this every year with the food pantry,” Colson said. “But this year we're rally pushing it and really dedicating it to the food pantry. And money would be great.”

Colson said the Christmas event is “to try to promote community spirit amongst us and to promote the food pantry.”