Reflections: Rebuild the government from the ground up

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By Thomas W. Ivines

My work companions and I do it every day. We talk about the world's problems and then we solve them. Our conclusions are very convincing if those who count, would only listen.

The first thing we would do is get rid of all political parties and vote for the person we really believe would be the best President. Then we would pick a Vice President based on the best candidate, and not because of his or her affiliation. The President-elect would not get to choose who he (or she) wants for a partner. You see, our problems stem from a variety of things but mostly because of the party system.

Another thing we would do is get the troops the hell out of Iraq. Then we would put some of them in back in Afghanistan to finish the job... Root out Osama bin Ladin. When that was done we would bring all the troops back home and mind our own dang business. We are not the world's policemen.

High on our priority list is seeing to it the high rolling ECO's at the major financial institutions are prosecuted for embezzling billions out of hard working Americans. We would attach their bank accounts and demand they pay back what money they have stolen, too.

We would have all the illegal aliens in America rounded up and deported back to their respectful countries. They are robbing us blind and straining our systems. Because of them there is not enough money to adequately educate our own children let alone theirs. And, not only are they taking wages from lower income Americans, they are burdening our tax base by adding to our law enforcement efforts and other social services to which they do not contribute in any way. There is much more of course but that would make this paragraph way longer than it should be.

We would make lobbying illegal and instead survey average Americans for what they want. Special interest groups in this country wield way too much power.

The American medical system is a sham that is only for those who can afford it. We would make sound medical attention available to all Americans, not just those who can't afford it.

Last but not least we would put an end to all the 'Pork Barrel' grants wasting away our tax dollars. We would put that money towards repairing the infrastructure of this country, which is crumbling before our eyes.

But, hey, me and my working companions are just average working class Americans. What do we know anyway?

Take care until next week when I will assuredly be spewing out something else...something new...something profound.