The other good news about water conservation

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By Ada Lang

The City of Cedar Key recently received and implemented a grant from The Suwannee River Water Management District. Low flow toilets and sensor activated faucets were installed in the City Park, the Elementary School, City Hall and the Community Center. 

As the result of these installations, water usage at the City Park was cut by more than 66%, the Elementary School by almost 50%, City Hall by 90% and the Community Center by 80%. All together this is approximately a savings of 1 MILLION (that’s right, 1 MILLION) gallons of water per year!  

This program is so successful that it is going to be duplicated in other small towns in our area. It makes one think that we should all be using low flow toilets in our homes as well.  Imagine the additional water that could be conserved.

Conservation is the key. It produces the best results for the money.  Think about it before you throw it away.  Maybe it can be recycled. Most importantly, thank you for recycling.

Submitted by Tom Deverin