Old Florida Celebration of the Arts is April 8-9

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The 2017 Old Florida Celebration of the arts is planned for April 8 – 9 and this week continues the countdown of the Top 10 reasons to attend the celebration of the arts, one of the Top 10 art fairs in America, according to the 2016 artfaircalendar.com survey.


Just to review, the 10th top reason to attend the celebration is quality fine art and crafts; the ninth best reason is the events’ long and storied history; the eighth best reason is that Cedar Key is an art-filled community.

No. 7 is the sunsets, wildlife and beauty of Florida’s Nature Coast. Cedar Key is 60 miles southwest of Gainesville at the end of State Road 24. It is immediately felt that by crossing the bridge onto the islands of the Cedar Key Archipelago leads to someplace special. Its setting in the center of the Lower Suwanee and Cedar Key National Wildlife refuges means visitors are likely to see a wide variety of coastal birds in the estuarial waters. Explore the area by hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, sightseeing, or simply relaxing in one of Cedar Key’s parks or local establishments.

No. 6 is local artists. The OFCA is proud to annually welcome a number of award-winning local artists including painter Susan Dauphinee, who won awards of excellence in 2014 and 2016. Other popular artists who call Cedar Key their artistic home include Bill Roberts and his daughter, Donna Leeward, and 2017 Design contest winning artist, Judi Cain.

And; the fifth best reason is the seafood and more. In a coastal community like Cedar Key, hungry guests will find local oysters, clams, grouper and more at the dozen or so restaurants in town. Stop in and have a taste of world famous chowder at Tony’s Seafood. But on festival weekend, don’t miss the homemade baked goods, lemonade, mullet dinners, clam fritters, shrimp sticks, and other treats served up by local nonprofit organizations in beachfront city park. Hosted by the Lions Club, who also arrange live music for the event, food sales at the park generate funds for over 20 local churches, school groups, and other nonprofit organizations.