Old Florida Celebration of the Arts 2017 Award Winners

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Best of Show: Michael Everett, Drawing Booth 27, Palatka

Best 2D: Bruce Ferguson, Painting Booth 24, Hernando Beach

Best 3D: Jean Yao, Fiber Booth 84, Ft. Lauderdale

Award of Excellence: Marc Aune, Jewelry Booth 18

Award of Excellence: Susan Dauphinee, Painting Booth 72

Award of Excellence: Adam Pourciau, Ceramics Booth 107A

Award of Creativity: Greg Mangum, Jewelry Booth 59

Awards of Distinction

James Callis, Painting, Booth 36

Mary Jefferson, Fiber, Booth 90

Phil Feinberg, Mixed, Booth 108A

Leland Williams, Sculpture, Booth 107

Bob Toomey, Photography, Booth 141

Bill Roberts, Painting, Booth 85

Jerry Spangler, Painting, Booth 127

Brent Wigglesworth, Wood, Booth 147

Shekina Rudoy, Fiber, Booth 95

David Mack, Ceramic, Booth 16

Michael Dlugolecki, Mixed, Booth 98

Mark Van de Bogart, Jewelry, Booth 8