New horizons in Cedar Key

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To the editor:
Once again, St. Valentine was right on time.  Our business, Kayak Cedar Keys, has awakened from a long winter nap.  Business is good, particularly on the weekends.  It is great to see so many of our winter guests back with us, as well as first time visitors to Cedar Key. 
I am particularly happy to see so many folks out on the water paddling and enjoying our winter birds, dolphin and magnificent sunsets.
I am encouraged by the new leadership at our Chamber of Commerce.
 Eric Jungklaus, owner of Tony’s Seafood, will be a strong leader as our new president.  Eric has built a solid business, as has Bruce Wilson, owner of Cedar Key Sunset Isle and RV Park. Bruce was voted in Monday night, as a director for the Chamber of Commerce.  Both of these men know on a day-to-day basis how difficult it is to move their businesses forward in these challenging times.  I strongly support our new Board of Directors.
Cedar Key is the heart and soul of the Florida Nature Coast.  Our island community is a strong and resilient town.  We have seen hard times before!  Cedar Key keeps reinventing itself, getting better with each new challenge.
Tom Liebert
Kayak Cedar Keys