New format comes to obituaries

If you are a regular reader of obituaries on the Cedar Key Beacon online then you may notice something new in how they are displayed. 

While no change is apparent on the Home page, clicking on the Obituary page will take you to a new layout and a new way of listing them. 

Nothing else has changed with the obituaries, except this spiffy new look provided by Legacy.com. 

We still run the notices and photos for free. 

And we put a flag to let you know someone who served our nation has died. 

The only obituaries we charge for are those where a family does not want to use our standard style. And in that case, we do have a minimal charge. 

This new format does have us doing some fancy typing, so please bear with us as we get used to it. As soon as we're up to speed, we will start posting the notices more often. 

Let us know if you like — or don't — this new page.