Love is in the air

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Fishing with Capt. Danny Allen

By Danny Allen

Happy Valentines week. There's a pretty big deal every year around Valentines Day. Yep,kindof a big thing around my house - it means that my birthday is two weeks away. Means I'm getting older and wiser and that I’m a better fishermen. Hey, this is my storyline and I’ma gonna tell it how I wanna.


This weather we have coming should really turn the fishing around here in Cedar Key. Our sheepshead spawning migration hasn’t happened yet, but most likely will very soon, maybe even during this moon phase. A lot of full moons can spark a spawn which will migrate those fish into a school and spark an awesome chew.

As for my beloved redfish, they should feel this elevation of warm temperature and raise up to some shallow sandy or muddy edges. Be quiet and slow and make long casts. This will help, ‘cause they will be spooky. Trout remains closed and will be for a few more weeks. But, as the season opens it will be time to go get limits without to much struggle.

This is just a few things to expect this week and next. Then I think we have another cold snap to deal with. Time will tell if its gonna be big enough to change anything.

I had a trip this Saturday with some new clients from Dade City. Mr. Bob Armstrong had a longtime fishing buddy, Dan and his son, Nick. We hit some creeks southeast of Cedar Key to find a limit of reds and some shorts and a few small black drum. We used live shrimp on the bottom with jigs. It was a lot of fun ‘cause the folks said it had been many years since they caught fish like that and it was a joy to see them so excited.

Check out the pics and we will see y’all here next week.

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or (352) 215-3686.