Late start but lots of keepers

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March 3, 2011

By Danny Allen

I wanna take this very moment to say, “man, it’s great to live in Florida.” We have the gators, great fishing, super weather. There's some things I'm not sure about but these are sure bets. 

We had a really tough tide this weekend but I had two half-day trips Saturday with some very cool new clients and some ol’ local folks  and did a lil’ pre-fishing Sunday afternoon. All I have to say is, if anyone says to you that high pressure and blue bird skies won't shut down a bite…..well, it will.

I had a really great day Saturday but Sunday was a no-go. The bite was down and it didn't help that I slept in and missed the tide. So, Saturday morning, I had my tower boat all gassed up and ready for shallow water battle. That's what it’s like in Waccasassa, because of all the random rocks. But, on the way to the river at 6 a.m., I hear a weird noise. My trailer hub was bad.

I pull into the store, unhooked my boat and headed back home to get my big boat. “That's gonna totally change my plans,” I told myself all the way home. Great, what now? Well, on the way back to the river, I came up with a new plan that worked SO very well.

I had started the day late but everything else went just as I hoped. We boated around 30 reds, total, and about half of those were keepers. The biggest was a 30" piglet caught by Mr. Billy Moore. It was an awesome battle between those two. The fish absolutely loved the underneath side of my boat and frankly, on light tackle, there wasn't much Billy could do but play him easy and perfect and he did.

Most all the fish were caught by shrimp on the bottom or with a small leader and cork. 
Capt. Jim had a couple of days where the trout bite was slow but steady. He said with a lil’ work he could boat a decent day, before he knew it.

That will only get better as the grass flats grow back and the water temps rise. This new moon may help move some fish up to the banks to feed.

Remember, March 1, speckled trout are open for harvesting.
 That's all I got this week. See ya here same place next week.