Jamie Griffin announces candidacy for District 1 commission seat

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 Longtime Levy County businessman Jamie Griffin has announced plans to run for the District 1 Levy County Commission seat.

Griffin, 51, who was born and raised in Bronson, has invested heavily in Levy County because he believes in the county and respects its people, its traditions, its God-centered way of life and its economy that is rooted in agriculture, timber production and aquaculture.

He strongly believes his business background will be an asset to Levy County government, and that the budget of the county should be managed in ways that are financially sound and fiscally conservative.  He will be guided by business principles and common sense.

Griffin owns and operates Bett’s Big T Restaurant in Chiefland, the Seabreeze Restaurant on the waterfront in Cedar Key, the Bronson Restaurant in Bronson and the Fireside Grill in Cross City.  He is responsible for employing many and would like to bring more jobs to Levy County, especially for the young people who want to build a life and raise a family on Levy County soil.  They need jobs and the income to put food on the table, a roof over their head and to prosper.  They shouldn’t have to commute to other counties to get jobs.

Griffin also believes construction of the Tri-County Hospital in Chiefland is critical for growth and to meet the medical needs of the tri-county area, and he also wants to work with Williston to grow its hospital services.  “Healthcare is so important to people.  It is important to me too”, he said.

He welcomes the opportunity to serve the people of Levy County and respectfully asks for their vote on Nov. 6 in the general election.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to my family, friends, and Levy County citizens for giving me a second chance to seek and serve you in the position of Levy County Commissioner in my hometown district of Bronson.  It is an honor and a privilege and I am truly humbled by your support and encouragement.  It has also been a joy to be back in business in Levy County and being able to become reacquainted with everyone from the past and to meet new friends.  You will never know how blessed I feel to be welcomed back as I have been,” Griffin said.

Griffin enjoys living and working in Levy County.  He was raised in Bronson, which has been home for him for his entire life.  He is active as the pianist and organist at the Bronson United Methodist Church, which is also the church where his Mother and Father were members until their passing in 1991.  His Mother, Elizabeth Griffin, was raised in Romeo, south of Williston and his Father, Clifton Griffin, was raised in Williston.

“I love my church family and my hometown. I graduated from Bronson High School and attended Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville.  I have been in business constantly in Levy County since 1981.  I am a Christian and a fiscal conservative,” Griffin said.

Griffin is the former Mayor of Bronson and has not forgotten the huge mistake that changed his life, but he has moved on and learned lessons that will stay with him forever.  The experience has made him a better person.

“I took responsibility for the mistake, I paid my debt back and I took my punishment without grumbling,” he said. “I have asked for forgiveness from God, my Church, my Family, my Friends, and from my Community.  Most have forgiven, some have not, but the ball is in their court.  I did wrong but I have done everything I know possible to make it right and now it is time to move on in a positive direction.  Thank you for your support during the darkest days of my life.”

Griffin believes he could serve the people of Levy County in ways that will make their lives better.  He believes it is important for him to become part of the team of Levy County Commissioners, working together to build strong working relationships in order to accomplish goals. One of his goals is to make Levy County government debt free.  “Eliminating debt will free funds that can be spent to make the community stronger.”  He wants to work with current county employees to create an atmosphere of service to the community and to establish a program that recognizes the contributions of good employees.

“It is important to me that an employee be able to enjoy his or her job and look forward to coming to work and I will always work towards accomplishing this,” Griffin said.  “You can see from the way I have worked in the past, that I have always done business, and I view County government as a business. It needs to be operated with business principles.”