Fowlers Bluff water being trucked to Cedar Key

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By Mark Scohier

Officials, in light of salt-contaminated water in Cedar Key, say they're working hard to get potable water to the island.
David Beach, Cedar Key Water and Sewer District chair, said about 1,200 gallons of bottled water, from local agencies and the Nestle` Waters company was handed out Wednesday. That supply, located at the Cedar Key Fire Department, will continue to be given away until Friday, when a plan for securely dispensing water from temporary storage tanks will come in to play, Beach said in a phone interview on Wednesday.
Beach said two of the tanks, ranging from 400 to 500 gallons, would probably be located at the fire department, while the location of several others had not been determined yet, though one of them may be located near the city's water tower. The water will help fill the needs of residents and area business owners, such as restaurants and hotels. There are no plans to provide ice.
Water to fill the storage tanks will be transported in a 2,500-gallon Cedar Key Fire Department tanker truck from the Fowlers Bluff Water Treatment Plant for a while, Beach said. Then Cedar Key would work on getting water supplied from other nearby locations such as Bronson.
Beach said the effort to provide water, coordination between agencies, has run smoothly so far.

The water board has scheduled a special meeting for Tuesday, June 26, at 5 p.m. at the Ck Community Center to discuss short and long-term solutions to the situation.

The board told residents to stop drinking tap water after an emergency meeting on June 19 where the board provided information on the saltwater intrusion into city wells.

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