Fishing Report: Check your list as spring approaches

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By Danny Allen

 Windy days and windy nights – that seems to be this week’s routine.

We have a forcast that’s not too high on a fishermen’s list for the week forecasting a cold weekend. We did manage to sneak out Sunday for a few hours while it blew and blew. Trout were still biting and some reds had kinda surfaced in this heat wave we had (ha ha). I know, right – heat wave kinda-sorta, not really, but in the fisherman’s eye it kinda is. It brings bait to the shallows which then brings predators up to the shallows. Well, y’all know the rest – it thens brings smiles on the boats and fish in coolers or bragging pictures, whichever you’re into.

All in all, pretty typical weather for February.

Folks, it’s getting close to spring time, let’s make sure our fishing plans are intact. This means your boat, your tackle, your lodging and, if your hiring a guide, your charter plans. As we get into the spring swing, weekend dates can get slim pickens. So just a FYI for you to pitch in to the list of things to do.

I’ll tell you though, this is for my fishing buddies and fellow captains, I have to watch out for y’all. Don’t forget about Thursday, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the salt fever and miss the big day. But without our better halfs watching out for us, we would be a mess. I know I would be. Two things that are a must for me in the spring – my support from home and the salt splash in my face.

Y’all check out the website wwwgulfcoastflatsfishing.com  and do what ya do, but keep it salty.