Fishing with Cap'n. Danny Allen

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Hope you had a Happy New Year

By Danny Allen

Happy New Year everybody. I hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday season. Now it's time to return to reality — back to work, back to the grind.

We had a couple of trips this weekend never really doing much, fishing real hard and boating a fish here and there. The best way to describe fishing right now "wishy washy." I took a group of kinda local boys out of Fenimore Mill condos Saturday. We fished pretty hard and got one nice redfish and few bites. But we never figured things out, so we headed in early to catch the Gators playing football.

Sunday the weather was a little screwy so it sounded like a good time to go fishing to me. Me, my wife Nick, and my buddy Matt Cowart headed out for a lil' homework trip. We mixed it up pretty good. We fished deep and shallow, the heads of creeks, and waaay back in these creeks. We even fished in the river. 

The good news is we caught fish everywhere, really. Every spot we picked up a trout or redfish or flounder. Bad news is that we never caught a lot anywhere. The best technique I found to work lately is staying on the tolling motor. 

So we ended up doing well for a homework trip in the wintertime. We boated 20 reds, eight that were keepers and two keeper trout. The biggest was 26.5 inches and a 6-pound trout, a brute. All fish were caught with lures of some kind. 

So don't let the tuff fishing keep you from going. Just keep the boat moving and the reels a reeling and chances are you will learn some- thing new. 

That's all this week. C y'all on the water.

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or (352) 215-3686.