Closings, restrictions in WMA, on rivers

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 Severe weather or other circumstances have affected the following areas:

  • Log Landing Wildlife Managament Area, Shingle Landing Tract - Due to the Gilchrist County closure of the end of Southwest 70th Street, where public boat ramp improvements are taking place, and to ensure public safety, the Suwannee River Water Management District has temporarily closed the parking area accessible by Southwest 70th Street. This may continue into archery season. 
    You may access the Shingle Landing Tract from the Suwannee River. Parking areas are still open to public vehicle use at the Guaranto, Log Landing, Suwannee Street, Lindsey, Purvis Landing, Nature Coast and Sunnyvale Tracts of Log Landing WMA. (09/10/13)
  • Cedar Key Scrub Wildlife Management Area - Due to hazardous conditions where timber harvest is taking place and to ensure public safety, the Florida Park Service (FPS) has temporarily closed the parking area adjacent to State Road 24. This closure will be effective until the FPS reopens this parking area to public use. 
    Timber harvest is part of a habitat-restoration project and will continue between County Road 347 and State Road 24 through archery season. Persons are advised to exercise caution around timber harvest operations while recreating on this area. (08/30/13)
  • Suwannee River - Idle speed, no wake zone no longer in effect on Zone 4. Zone 4 is the section from the County Road 340 Bridge at Rock Bluff to 1 mile below the Fowler Bluff boat ramp. This 51-mile segment falls under boating restrictions as long as the Suwannee is at 9 feet or more at the Wilcox gauge, where flood stage is 11 feet. (09/11/13)
  • Suwannee River - Idle-speed, no-wake zone no longer in effect on Zone 3.  Zone 3 runs from Little River Spring to the C.R. 340 Bridge at Rock Bluff. This 23-mile segment is an idle-speed, no-wake zone as long as the Suwannee River is at 24 feet or more at the Branford gauge.(09/07/13)
  • Santa Fe River – Idle-speed, no-wake in effect on Zone 5. (08/26/13)