Cindy Roach announces candidacy for superintendent

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Dear Citizens of Levy County,

Our children are our future, and they deserve an education that will best prepare them to make an honest living and to fulfill their dreams. 

Our children deserve knowledgeable and inspired teachers in the classroom. Our children, teachers, staff, administrators, and our communities deserve a knowledgeable leader who has a vision for the future of education in Levy County.

For these reasons, I am announcing my candidacy for Superintendent of Levy County Schools. I have the knowledge, the compassion, and the vision to transcend self-interests, and to create a climate of openness and integrity.

I believe we must create an education environment where all individuals are respected.

Levy County deserves a leader who listens to those on the frontline; who treats employees as professionals and who empowers educators. Levy County deserves a superintendent who brings out the best in everyone. 

I will bring to the office of superintendent an element of mutual respect for all who work in the schools, as well as for parents, students, and other shareholders. 

We need to feel hopeful about decisions that affect us and our students, instead of feeling resigned that nothing is going to change, and that politics-as-usual will rule the day. We need decisions to be made that truly are in the best interest of all students.

I am approachable, and I value the opinion of others. I will take into consideration your concerns as we evaluate what is best for students and schools in Levy County.

I am a long time resident of Levy County, and I raised two wonderful children, Beth and Matthew. As an educator in Levy County, I worked in Bronson, Yankeetown, Cedar Key, and Chiefland.

As a past leader in the Levy County Education Association for 12 years, I bring a wealth of advocacy experience to the office of superintendent, both for employees and the students we serve. Additionally, my work in this field provided me with a strong background in educational law, collective bargaining, and school and district budgets.

I ask for your support. I am hopeful that we can bring about the changes needed to provide our children with the education they deserve. After all, it’s their future.  

I can be reached at (352) 949-0305

Email me-confidentially-at: cindyforsuper@gmail.com

Visit me on Facebook at Cindy Roach.