Cedar Key Community Garden stands as tribute to City’s unique charm

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By Tom Deverin

The Cedar Key Community Garden, located on 2nd Street by the Island Hotel, recently had a Fall cleanup doing the usual garden maintenance activities.

Things like renewing the mulch around the beds, pruning vegetation, putting more compost in beds that had settled. The communal transplant bed was planted with seed for cool weather crops like lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, beets, collards, etc.

In about three weeks, all the garden members will then share the transplants, which will shorten the time to harvest. We got a lot done.

Pat and I got back into town a week ago, so different from the mountain farm we left, but totally beautiful in it's own style.

It’s good to be back and involved in the Cedar Key Community Garden. One of the first things that we did, once we went into town, was to visit the Garden. It is impressive how lush the Garden looks, both the individual beds and the landscaping especially considering the hot and mostly dry summer. This is in large part due to the gardeners that volunteered their time to maintain the Garden during the summer, watering, weed eating, mowing, and all that stuff and everything.

Thousands of visitors have toured the Community Garden since it opened on Feb. 1, 2015. It has become a real roadside attraction. There is a quite-shaded sitting area in the front of the Garden where people can relax and enjoy the view. All are welcome.

There is also a comment book which is always fun to read, full of compliments for the Garden, which provide a general consensus of what visitors think about the Community Garden and, in turn, the City of Cedar Key.

There might be a couple of garden plots still available, so speak up if you’re interested in doing some gardening.