Captain's Log: Regulations have changed over the years

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

In the past couple of years, our fishing regulations have seen a lot of changes. It is of course the anglers responsibility to keep up to date on the changes, or suffer the wrath of some expensive fines. All of these regulations of course are to keep our resource sustainable, which I fully endorse.

One very creative change is the ARS fall season. Recreational American Red Snapper season will be every Friday Saturday and Sunday in September and October . Labor Day Monday is also included in the mini-season. The limit is still two per angler with a minimum length do sixteen inches. The guide and mate limit is zero.

Both red and gag grouper will remain open through the rest of the year...unless otherwise announced. Last year the red grouper season was cut short due to harvest data both commercial and recreational quotas being maxed out.

The tasty gulf triggerfish season is now closed for the rest of the year. Once again the quota for the year was achieved early and the fish has been taken off of the harvestable list.

One of the most elusive fish offshore, dolphin, will remain open through the rest of 2016. Also known as mahi mahi, these delicious offshore rockets have no size limit and have a generous bag limit of ten per person per day.

Although pretty much all species are subject to sudden changes, it is always best to check the regulations before heading offshore. Also please leave a float plan with someone on shore.

Captain Dennis Voyles is a resident fishing guide right here in Cedar Key.