Captain's Log: It's a time of transition on the flats

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles


Finally March has arrived, and so many changes will occur this month.

Let's hope spring comes in like a lamb and not a lion. Personally, I have had all the cold fronts that I want, though they did set the stage for some really good airboat trips.

The biggest change is going to be be water temperatures. We are starting off the month in the upper fifties, which have made most fish very lethargic. But increasing daylight and weaker cold fronts should bring our gulf water into the seventies by April.

A very exciting change is the arrival of the pelagics. I really look forward to seeing some cobia patrolling the flats.

As the bait pods of silversides and young menhaden arrive, both king and spanish mackerel will bring steel leaders back into fashion.

And of course, my favorite by far, I anxiously await the first silver kings awesome tackle busting, arm stretching, eye popping, tie me in the boat, holy cow yelling, trout stealing leaps and runs.

So, good bye February with your wind and cold, and welcome March.

Though you can be a windy rascal...the changes you bring are exciting.

Captain Voyles is a resident fishing guide here in Cedar Key and can be reached at 352-339-2034 or at voylesguideservice.com.