$1000 Scholarship for Cedar Key students

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Made possible by the Energy Advisory Panel

By Tom Deverin

On Feb.15, 2011, the Florida Departmentof Environmental Protection awarded the Cedar Key School the statewide Recycle Pledge Drive Award at a special awards ceremony.

The Sharks won this award because they solicited more recycling pledges per student than another other school in the state.

In addition to receiving this recognition, the school received a new computer. The Energy Advisory Panel, who helped with the pledge drive, also announced the establishment of its new Environmental Scholarship.

For the next four years, a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded. The Energy Advisory Panel hopes to increase this program, when positive results are seen at the school. The goals of the scholarship are twofold: first, to help our children get more education and second, to help the Cedar Key School become a model for energy awareness, conservation and sustainability throughout the state.

Scholarship criteria are based on the following: Senior student must be accepted into a trade/technical school or college.The number of “environmental” points the student has earned throughout their academic career. Scholarship applicants are also required to submit an essay that is 500 words or less.

Every time a student participates in an environmental activity that is verified and recorded, they acquire points. Five points for organizing an activity, three points if you are a team leader and two points for participating.

Activities can range from participating in the Coastal Cleanup program to improving recycling on campus, from attending environmental educational programs at the library, planting trees or the students may come up with their own ideas.

Miss Jenni-Lynn, at the school, kindly offered to keep track of points for the students. This year the Arts Festival will be a “Sustainable Event”, with a goal of recycling one half of all waste produced. There will be two monitored Recycle/Trash stations in the City Park. Volunteers are need to help with these stations by working two and a half hour shifts on Saturday or Sunday.

Volunteers will educate festival goers, so that the recyclables go in the recycle bin and that the trash goes in the trash bin. Students will get double scholarship points for this event. Call 543-6042 if you would like to volunteer - even if you are not a student.