Toys for Tots needs you

A year ago Levy County and Gilchrist County learned that the Tri-County Toys for Tots was no longer around to collect donations and distribute toys to our needy children so they could have a Christmas. 

Goodbye Dear Abby

 The news Thursday was that Pauline Phillips, who created and penned the "Dear Abby" advice column has died.

New format comes to obituaries

Cedar Key is open. Say it often.

Two years ago Cedar Key was holding its breath as the BP's Deepwater Horizon well spewed oil into the Gulf of Mexico and doomsayers fretted that a hurricane would blow the stuff our way.

It did not happen. The clam industry and the town's tourism industry were not touched by oil like the Panhandle beaches were. There were some effects as Florida seafood got a bad rap.

Why you must pay for the Cedar Key Beacon online

 On Thursday things changed at the Cedar Key Beacon website. What you once saw for free now will be available only to those who subscribe to the Beacon.

We are asking you to pay for the information we put on the Internet because it must help pay the cost of producing the stories and photographs.

Welcome to the Beacon's new web home.

Things are changing at the Cedar Key Beacon and they are all part of our plan to stick around town.

Ada Lang, a longtime Cedar Key resident, is taking over reporting duties. She has already started covering the city. Last weekend she got her feet wet — and maybe a little dirty — participating in and covering the coastal cleanup.

She's got a lot of stories in mind and she wants to shine a spotlight on the people who make Cedar Key unique. You can welcome her and send along news tips at news@cedarkeybeacon.com.

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