• Jack and Bo’s excellent adventure

     Proud grandfather Doug Little reports:

  • Heat, storms pose challenge for finding fish

    Okay folks, will someone turn on the Cedar Key air conditioner?

    We still have a good month of this too dang hot of weather. I notice these days with no cloud cover getting tuffer and tuffer to keep bites going. 

  • Orlando man hooks gar near Cedar Key

    A fishing trip Sunday afternoon by an Orlando visitor hooked a 3- to 4-foot gar. However, it was cut loose because the prospects of that fish actually being in the boat did not interest the two brothers.

  • Heat, storms pose challenge for finding fish

    Editor’s note: Danny Allen is on vacation so his brother Nick Allen is filling in for him.

  • Cedar Key fishing tournament featured in national magazine

    The cover of the July/August issue of Airboating Magazine may feature their “Swamp Sweetie” - wearing a camo bikini, cowboy boots and hat - but it gets even better on page 44.

  • It’s the fishin’ that makes this town great

    Hey, everybody, Hope all is well and you are all stayn’ as cool as ya’ can be. I’m having such a hard time right now with my identity.
    Well, usually I want it to be calm because my boat isn’t the best at handling rough weather — it’s just too flat. But lately I been praying for some wind so me and my guests won’t bake to death. So right now I’m kinda confusing myself.
    But all’s good. This weekend was a good one - very little rain threat and some wind to keep it cool. But not too much, so it was rough.

  • Water, electric don’t mix

        It is recommended that you have your dock and boat inspected periodically for bad wires and loose grounds. Any time a person is in the water around a dock or boat where there is AC power, electrical shock could occur.
        A boat plugged into shore power with a short on board is dangerous and the owner may not be aware of it. AC current may enter the bonding system if an AC ground becomes disconnected then electrical current can enter the water by way of a bonded thru hull fitting.

  • How to catch right bait to get that big one

    Well folks, from week to week I dig around in my back pocket to find a topic to cover in “this week’s article.” This week’s idea came from a picture a new client of mine took of me while I was catching bait. 

    So this week we will cover live baits and the fish you can target with those baits. 

  • Bad weather means Captain gets family time

     Hey folks, man it was a great week around the key great weather,  sunny skies, fish just jumping in the boat. They didn't seem to mind not one bit that it was very hot in the sky and kinda dang hot in the water.

  • Anglers can help FWCwith snapper research

    Biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) request angler assistance with a research project focusing on red snapper caught in Florida offshore waters. This project will provide fisheries researchers and managers with vital catch-and-release survival information needed for assessing the status of this important recreational fishery.