J. Duvall
Fido joins the bells of a local church.

Fido's Canine a cappella

Cedar Key
A couple of kids were going around giving away puppies. Bettyrose Cook declined at first but after thinking about it decided to take one of the pups. She picked out Fido who was supposed to be 12 weeks old, but she thinks he was much younger. Cook said he is a good dog.
This pooch, an icon often seen along State Road 24, howls in unison with the bells from Christ Episcopal Church. Passerby are left wondering if he is howling in protest or singing along? Cook said if Fido is inside when it is time for the bells to ring he asks to get out.
Staying at home. Fido's owner said he does not really leave the yard, only sometimes venturing to visit the next door neighbors.
Cedar Key TNR Sanctuary

Ginger is a cat with a lot of charm.

 Ginger is a sweet cat who loves attention and human love. Ginger likes the outdoors but would be content indoors. If you would like to adopt Ginger, please contact the sanctuary listed below for an application. There is no adoption fee, but a donation would be appreciated. Interested parties can visit the TNR sanctuary and visit the other kitties also available for forever homes.
Cedar Key TNR