Today's Opinions

  • Deaf man struggles for understanding

    By Daniel J. Vance
    MS, LPC, NCC

    Over the next two columns, I will be sharing the tragic story of “Joshua,” a deaf man in his 40s, and “Cindy,” his older sister. It will become obvious why I can't reveal their real names. Cindy has been reading this column over the Internet.

  • Supports TNR, Bauers

    I have visited Cedar Key annually for 12 years.  I am supportive of the Bauers and their TNR program. I became aware of it a few years ago. I have always been amazed, and impressed, that these two people have gone to such great lengths personally to do their best to try and curb the problem of the ferals in Cedar Key.  I can’t help but wonder what things would be like in Cedar Key without all their efforts.

  • A Cedar Key Christmas

    It was the day before Christmas 1976 when I first crossed Bridge Four and discovered Cedar Key.  That venture actually changed our lives.
    A young Native American friend in Wisconsin had said, “Jean, it’s your kinda place” and Charlie Skaife and I came to take a look.  It surely was - we stayed three months.  The following year we bought a place on A Street and I’ve been coming back for 35 winters ever since.  

  • Cedar Key TNR legal fund established

    Help keep Cedar Key’s kitties alive and healthy! For anyone who would like to help us with legal fees, collection cups are being placed around town and there is a deposit account at Drummond Community Bank. The account name is “Doreen Bauer — Cedar Key TNR Legal Fund.” We thank you all for your support.

  • Chickens and sustainability

  • Editorial toon for Dec. 15
  • Conservation Corner: Grants for weatherization assistance still available

    For the past two years the Energy Advisory Panel has been promoting the Weatherization Assistance Program. The mission of the program is to reduce the monthly energy burden on low-income households by improving the energy efficiency of their home. The program is funded by the U. S. Department of Energy and is administered by the Central Florida Community Action Agency, Inc. This is a really good program for several reasons; energy savings, pollution reduction and it helps our neighbors that are economically challenged.

  • Beacon unfair to soldier

    Your headline on that issue of the Beacon, Dec. 8, was so unfair to the fallen soldier, the military,  as well as his family. Your paper had in equal importance the Chamber of Commerce awards for the community as well as the death of an American hero.
    Your layout person needs to re-evaluate the importance of a military death as opposed to some popular award that only because of our military keeping our country free are we able to even recognize those kinds of events.