Today's Opinions

  • An ode to Connie Raftis

    How time goes by so quickly, and I just found out today you passed away, Connie. I can still remember like yesterday flying you in my airplane over Cedar Key while we spread your father’s ashes over the water, and that very bouncy landing on Cedar Key’s very short runway. And I remember with fondness the kiss we shared just before Mike passed away. Old Salty brought us together alright – not only when he died but when he made you the editor of the Cedar Key Beacon as well.

  • A response to the Chamber

    Permit me to comment on the recent letter from the Chamber of Commerce vis-a-vis my campaign statement urging the City of Cedar Key to stop the Chamber subsidy.  My thinking was as follows:  the City bought the Creswell House in 2008 for $330,000, and renovated it in 2010 for use as a Welcome Center at a cost of $67,807.  The City’s investment was thus $397,807.

  • Editorial Toon for April 19
  • Cattle killed by train at the Waccasassa River

    By Toni C. Collins
    Levy County Historian
    A hearing was held before the County Court of Levy County on May 7, 1877, on the case filed by Willis R. Medlin against the Atlantic, Gulf and West India Transit Company Railroad.
    At issue was the recovery of the cost of one cow and one four-year-old steer killed at the Waccasassa River trestle by the locomotive of a train traveling to Bronson from the Cedar Keys.

  • Chamber stands on its own

    We, the Board of the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce, are writing this letter to address a statement made in a recent advertisement in the Cedar Key News. The statement was made that the City Of Cedar Key should stop subsidizing the Chamber of Commerce at the expense of the city and its residents  We would like to present the facts to you about how the Welcome Center was established and the service this business organization provides to our community

  • Airboat noise is an nuisance

    I am not a resident of Cedar Key, but I am a property owner and therefore a taxpayer. I am just finishing a six-week stay here in Cedar Key.
    Abomination is a strong word not to be used lightly, but it is a just description of the noise and disruption caused by airboats running close to the populated areas of the city. The amount of noise has increased since last year. Not only is it a great disturbance to the people but also to the wildlife. The city should establish a ban on airboats within a mile of the populated areas.

  • Editorial Toon for April 12
  • Williston Grammer School closes early – no funds

    By Toni C. Collins
    Levy County Historian
    In April of 1929, a group called the Patrons of Williston Grammar School contacted Florida Gov. Doyle E. Carlton to lodge a complaint against the Levy County School Board.  At issue was the closing of the grammar school two months early, while the high school continued classes for the full eight-month term.