• Learn from St. Pete Beach experience on Amendment 4

    Dear Editor ,
    Many local papers have recently posted a very eloquent
    letters from local conservationists urging voters to vote yes
    on Amendment 4.
    They claim it is a vote to improve your rights and "hometown
    I would remind all voters and property owners that to
    change or modify our comprehensive land plans requires a
    series of public notices and hearings.
    These hearing are required to advise everyone of a proposed
    change to your land plan. This process allows the public

  • Why Amendment 4 is a good idea based on Yankeetown’s experience

    1. Fosters a sense of community and personal involvement

  • Attack on Davis wrong

    As you know from our telephone conversation I take great umbrage at your editorial and especially the Budget Workshop column on the front page of the Cedar Key Beacon of Sept. 16.
    The third paragraph of that column was a direct attack on Commissioner Heath Davis and added nothing to my understanding of the meeting but seemed a vindictive, vituperative assault on Heath Davis, a commissioner and former mayor of Cedar Key.