• Mad about garbage

    Don't you agree that the majority of the population appreciates the trailers provided for our recyclables?
    To be able to separate items and not make our landfill that much larger seems a real blessing.
    Last week, a gentleman was replacing a full trailer, and I mentioned how sad it is that some people use them as garbage recepticles.
    He replied,"Yes," pointing to some open garbage bags. "They are full of dirty diapers."

  • Outraged over theft

    This is a message for the person who “appropriated” the historic Town of Albion Florida railroad station sign which stood on the south side of SR 24 across from the entrance to University Oaks.
    Your actions clearly demonstrate what a selfish, inconsiderate, and disrespectful person you are.
    You are selfish for robbing everyone else of a marker denoting the history and heritage of Levy County, so you can decorate the walls of your shop or hunt camp.

  • Two days of infamy

    Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, and New York City, Sept. 11, 2001 are two days that as Americans are permanently etched into our way of life — when America was struck by its enemies without provocation. Both of these days, although 60 years apart, are joined by the loss of American life into the thousands followed by a world view into the resolve of the human spirit that makes us supremely American.

  • Economic growth for Levy County

     To the Levy County Commission:

  • Thank you, will do

    How does one say, Thank You?  Somehow those two words do not seem adequate for  all that has been shared with me since May 22.

  • Commissioner disputes quotes

     I read your article regarding my motion to appoint someone from my district to the Planning Commission and your editorial titled “Our View” regarding non-agenda items and I would like to set the record straight.

  • LARC sale a success

     The staff, clients and Board of the Levy Association for Retarded Citizens wants to thank everyone who stopped by the Thrift Store ‘Clean Sweep Sale’ on Saturday.  Many shoppers went out the door with smiles on their faces and bags of bargain buys in their hands!  We also want to thank Mrs. Thelma McCain and her family for providing the fish fry which was a great success. The promotion of our event by the Chiefland Citizen brought many of our friends and neighbors to our door which we appreciate very much.

  • Buckeye clears the air

    Chad Hanson’s recent letter to the editor mischaracterized emerging plans to improve the Fenholloway River in Taylor County and nearby Gulf waters.

  • Time for some clarification

    TAXPAYERS!  It is time for a little clarification to the public and public officials. 

  • Best Fouth of July ever!!!

    I wanted to write and tell everyone how very proud I am of Cedar Key!
    I grew up in Cedar Key, so I know the people to be kind and caring. But living in a big city, you almost forget how good people can be and how living in a small city has its advantages.
        I am the proud parent of a Navy Seabee, Ryne S Goode, who was currently deployed during the 4th of July. Imagine my surprise when I found out that, upon entering Cedar Key, there were American flags with our current military men and women displayed on each flag!