• Cedar Key - a friendly and caring community

    This letter to the editor is to give a big “Thank you,” to the gentlemen from Pennsylvania and Arkansas in the ebay/Patty Ann and to the persons on shore who alerted them when my kayak sprang a leak on the way to Atsena Otie.
    Without your reserve, I would have been in the water and my kayak at the bottom. Thank you for your timely and generous help.
    Thank you, too, to the 911 operator, Cedar Key Police and Fire and Rescue, and anyone else who responded so quickly.

  • Donation could help save lives

     We need your help.

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  • The perfect day out

     I recently came to Cedar Key with my husband of 28 years to have a “day away”  from the rat race of the city life. We came over to relax, see a few family members, eat some seafood and attend Homecoming.

  • Angered over Bauer issue

    I just read your current article on the Bauer cat issue. I have been on the Bauer’s property several times. I have never seen an abundance of flies or smelled anything outside the fenced in area. I have also been in the enclosures and did not find an abundance of flies or smells.
    As I visit the area and talk to people around the island they talk about how much good the Bauers have done for the cats and the islands. But they do not  get much help. It actually angers me that all of the slant seems to be ‘against’ them!
    Julie Toutges

  • Supports TNR, Bauers

    I have visited Cedar Key annually for 12 years.  I am supportive of the Bauers and their TNR program. I became aware of it a few years ago. I have always been amazed, and impressed, that these two people have gone to such great lengths personally to do their best to try and curb the problem of the ferals in Cedar Key.  I can’t help but wonder what things would be like in Cedar Key without all their efforts.

  • A Cedar Key Christmas

    It was the day before Christmas 1976 when I first crossed Bridge Four and discovered Cedar Key.  That venture actually changed our lives.
    A young Native American friend in Wisconsin had said, “Jean, it’s your kinda place” and Charlie Skaife and I came to take a look.  It surely was - we stayed three months.  The following year we bought a place on A Street and I’ve been coming back for 35 winters ever since.