• Special interests are robbing Levy of its water

    Levy County home owners, when Gov. Scott was campaigning, he promised to bring 80,000 new jobs to Florida. What he really meant was he was going to bring 80,000 cows to Florida to finish off the springs and rivers.

  • Dogs need a park, too

    My wife and I just completed another delightful week-long Thanksgiving stay in this lovely community.     

  • Time to start working together


  • ‘Only the polls will know my vote’


  • Chamber is grateful

    We can't thank all the members and non members who helped make this year's Jolly Roger Auction such a success. Approximately 150 people attended and many couldn't get in the door! 

    Many people remarked how nice the brochure featured our donating businesses and said that they would be returning to this event next year. We had over nine groups that had previously attended last year, and came back and spent big again. We have Cedar Key loyalists.

  • Signs — Signs — Signs
  • Citizens beaten financially

    I am reading what seems to be a dime novel. The budget is being cut for all of the departments but EMS and Fire and they seem to be increasing theirs about $2.5 million. That is the new number that the new assessment will generate. I propose that a mileage log be used in every unit in the charge. They need to cut back if everyone else does, or do they?

    The job situation, economy in general, plus the threat of Obama Care Co-pay at the VA will raise a lot. Everyone wants more money, even when there is none to get. 

  • Businesses promote Fourth

    Dear Cedar Key businesses,
    When word got out that the Fourth of July festival had been cancelled this year, it started an onslaught of anger towards the town of Cedar Key and its businesses. Obviously, people in the surrounding communities do not care if the holiday is mid-week, like the city was worried about due to the comments being passed around on Facebook.
    Who knew that something so simple as missing a major holiday could provoke comments like this:

  • Disappointed about fireworks

    Again this year there will not be a celebration at Cedar Key,what a  disappointment for all the people who paid good money to come to your town and  some of them came a long ways off and some out of state.
    When booking a place to stay we are not informed when things are called off, yet these same people who use to put on the fireworks ect.. can take a trip to washington.
    I would much rather have people leaving my town with a sweet memory instead of sour grapes and telling other people about their bad experience with Cedar Key’s no show.

  • Honoring Our Military 2012 (We need your help)

    Cedar Key Volunteer Fire & Rescue is once again making plans to honor our local men and women who are currently serving in the military. We had an overwhelming response from last year’s project and would like to make this an annual event. Remember the feeling when you drove across the No. 4 Bridge and saw the flags and names of our local heroes?