• Thank you for your support

    Dear friends and neighbors,

    I want to extend a sincere thank you from myself and my family to all of you for your prayers, flowers, cards and expressions of concern during my recent hospital stay. By the grace of God, I am at home and becoming stronger each day. Your good wishes remind me daily of the power of prayer and the value of loving and supportive family and friends.

  • Letter to the Editor

    We would like to send out a "BIG THANK YOU" to everyone who came out and supported the cheerleaders. The fish fry was a huge success. It wouldn't  be possible without all the support from this community.

    We raised enough for their cheer camp and almost enough for their uniforms.(We are still working on that.)

    We served approximately 400 fish dinners; these girls worked really hard.

    Thank you.

    Capt. Carl & Eve Robinson

  • Thank you for your donations

    The Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their generous donations to bring fireworks to Cedar Key.

    Lou Elliott Jones

    Joan Horne

    Bob Hudson

    Drummond Community

    Dave Thomas

    Natures Landing Mgmt.

    Natures Landing Condos

    Island Place Condos

    Faraway Inn

    Seaspray Townhouses

    Marianne McEuen

    Cedar Key Canvas

    Whitman Point Townhouse Association

    Nature Coast Realty

  • Chiefland hopsital hopes

    For years we've heard about a hospital coming. Money raised. Hopes raised, but over the years (7), nothing!
    Now, another raised hope. Ameris has $3.7 million invested.
    Big Deal! Less than a small winning lottery ticket.
    The City of Chiefland should not contribute one penny toward what will be another unfulfilled promise.
    Thank God for the VA in Gainesville.
    Herbert Graham


  • Chiefland hospital revived?

    According to June 4th edition of the Chiefland Citizen the Tri-County Hospital may be revived by Ameris Health systems.  Commissioner Ryan Bell of Chiefland (R-District 4), who is up for re-election this year, seems to have a golden ear on these developments by Mr. Schupp and  the unnamed forum of community leaders. Mr. Bell is to be commended for this.
    Commissioner Bell should also be commended for not having a Golden Eye for researching Ameris Systems record of financial responsibility and management skills.

  • Letters to the Editor (4-24-14 issue)

    Where has the recycling gone?

  • Board fails "spirit of the law'


  • Reporting on CK author


  • Thank you, Cedar Key

    To the People of Cedar Key:

  • Caregivers are angels

    I wanted to give praise to the caregivers of cancer patients - they are the real heroes. And a special thanks to my friend, Toni Collins.

    Nancy has been by my side day and night. Thank you and I love you could never be enough for my true hero and guardian angel. I love you Nancy Beckham forever.

    Bronko Gukanovich