• Conservation Corner: Grants for weatherization assistance still available

    For the past two years the Energy Advisory Panel has been promoting the Weatherization Assistance Program. The mission of the program is to reduce the monthly energy burden on low-income households by improving the energy efficiency of their home. The program is funded by the U. S. Department of Energy and is administered by the Central Florida Community Action Agency, Inc. This is a really good program for several reasons; energy savings, pollution reduction and it helps our neighbors that are economically challenged.

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  • Ask a Lawyer: Can I get a DUI on a bike?

    H.W. of Cedar Key writes: “Last month, you told me that I have to share the road with bicyclists and pass them just like they were driving a car. If that’s true, why can’t somebody riding a bicycle while drunk be arrested for drunk driving?”

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  • Time for a fall road trip

    Some days back, not that many, the weather chilled off in North Central Florida. This chill followed a couple of showers on the Cedar Keys. Not only did it get cold, it became windy, quite windy here on the Gulf Coast.

    Lows were around fifty degrees and mid-day highs were in the sixties for several days. Even though the sun shown through, the winds created a chill that made it unbearable without covering most of the body with layers of clothing.

  • Omaha, Gateway to the Plains

     Not that long past, a couple weeks or so back, Anne and I went to Omaha to visit family. Anne wanted to be there in the fall of the year. That was part of the plan, to see Omaha and the plains and farmland as winter approached.

  • Student volunteers educate through recycling and parading efforts

     At the recent Seafood Festival, 13 Cedar Key students volunteered to monitor the three recycling/trash sites that were set up in the city park to maximize the capture rate of all recyclables. 

  • Déjà Vu translates to eco-chic recycled clothing

    The thriving consignment store, Déjà Vu, on Second St. was started by Nancy Stephens in 2002 when she saw the need in the Cedar Key community for locally available and economically priced gently used clothing. Thus began one of Cedar Key’s many contemporary efforts to recycle.

    Even if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to shop at Déjà Vu, you’ve probably been recycling your clothes for years, though you may not think of it that way.

  • The Two of Them

    It was early morning a couple or so days back. It was cool, crisp and dry. The sun had not yet shown.

    Dawn was near. A bright planet was in the western sky setting ever so slowly, Jupiter I believe. The sky was clear of clouds, the stars remaining were dimming.

    Somewhere near, a heron squawked three times decreasing in volume. The water was calm. Some terns had awakened and were working the water in the calmer places.

  • Why kids can drive golf carts in CK

    C. C. of Cedar Key writes: “I wrote to you last month about being able to drive my golf cart around the city of Cedar Key without a driver’s license even though my license was suspended, and you told me I couldn’t because it was a motor vehicle and I had to have a valid driver’s license. If that’s true, why do I see kids who don’t have licenses driving golf carts all over the place? If they can do it, why can’t I?”

    Dear C. C.,