• Reflections: What's up with the airlines?

    Just this week three airlines filed bankruptcy. The airline industry is failing miserably it seems. They say it is because of competition and fuel prices. I say it's from mismanagement.

    And too, it seems like everyone gets left holding the bag when the airlines bail out - except for the executives. They leave with their pockets full. What does that tell you?

  • Trouble in Cedar Key: Fishing with Lloyd

    Some weeks back, not that many, a fleet of boats, all on trailers, came to town for a few days' stay. These boats were impressive, bass boats, inshore-offshore fishing boats, boats with long cranes on them, retractable cranes, others with towers, and a couple of just plain pleasure boats. All were clean and pretty and new, at least in appearance, and all had the word Berkeley in obvious display.

  • Reflections: Amazing opportunities in General Aviation

    A new movement is happening in General Aviation. The LSA is now out and it is taking off with much enthusiasm.

    "What is an LSA," you might ask?

    Well, it is a light sport aircraft that anyone can fly. It requires no medical certificate like a regular pilot's license. A driver's license is all that is required. Well, yes you still need a pilot's license, but not in the sense of he word.

  • Abort-Retry-Fail: Great things on the horizon!

    Good day dear readers! Some interesting things have recently been announced by some of the biggest players in the technology world and I will attempt to cover the more important ones today.

  • Fishing Lines: Have fun, but fish with your conscience

    I am going to go out on a limb here. It is time that we all face the fact that this pond is not so big and it is not an endless resource that will allow us to just take and take. The trout are fully into the spawning mode right now and we as sportsmen need to ask ourselves some hard questions:

    Are these big spawning females more important to us in a freezer or frying pan, or are they more important swimming out there with their sweethearts getting romantic and...well ...you know?

  • Trouble in Cedar Key: A timely trip down roads, trails and waterways

    Some days past, not that long back, Terry and I embarked on a long-talked-about field trip. We left Cedar Key before daybreak. Terry drove the jeep.

    I was his passenger. It was an early spring morning. No one, save school busses, was about.

    Terry, of Sundance Studios, is a naturalist with a penchant for wildlife photography. He spent his boyhood in the Carolina backwoods.

    As for me, my grandparents were my mentors. My grandmother hailed from the Blackfoot Nation. I inherited my love of nature.

  • Abort-Retry-Fail: Just a few more freebies and tools

    I want to throw out just a few last free utilities and applications that might be of interest to some of you readers.

    Windows has a lot of settings that most users are unaware of. They are unaware because in many cases Microsoft has made it difficult or impossible to find how to adjust those settings.

    FreshUI makes it easy. (FreshUI works on Windows 98 through XP; it does not work on Vista.)

    I found that many of the Windows settings that are available in FreshUI are easy to find and manipulate in Windows while others are not.

  • Fishing Lines: Start 'em young with good fish stories

    My two great-nephews left Ohio on Good Friday with snow in the forecast and sub-freezing temps. They had no idea they were headed for sunny Florida and some great flats fishing aboard the "Reel Therapy." They were about to celebrate their 8th and 11th birthdays. When asked how many fish they had caught prior to today, one said "one" and the other replied "a few, not many."

    Well, we were about to change that!

    We had a bit of a long ride to "The Spot," but it was worth it. The first cast produced a trout for each of my Ohio anglers.

  • Reflections: One more time in March

    Don't count on the dogwood and redbud flowers just yet. Even though some of them are popping out, they won't last. Another freeze is scheduled for this week.

    Every few years we manage to have one more March hard freeze in North Central Florida, just enough to kill off any blossoms that have formed on fruit trees and other flowering fauna. And, that's not to mention the vegetables that will be wilting unless they're covered. You planted your garden early this year, right? I did.

  • Abort-Retry-Fail: More freebies from the Web

    Now that you have your "productivity software" (Open Office), your antivirus and your firewall set up, all for free, let's look at some other freebies available online.