• Old Florida Celebration of the Arts Promises to be a Sustainable Event

    Submitted by Tom Deverin

    It’s that time of year again to enjoy Cedar Key’s art festival, celebrating its 47th year. This year however, there will be a new approach. The Energy Advisory Panel and festival organizers shared the same vision and commitment to make this year’s festival a sustainable event. A sustainable event conserves and restores resources, honors and supports those involved, adds value to the local economy and educates participants about the benefits of sustainability.

  • Conservation Corner - Intelligent Design Needed from “Cradle to Cradle”

    What would you find if you examined a typical landfill? Plastic packaging, diapers, old furniture, carpets, shoes, paper, food waste and computers. The list goes on and on. Billions of dollars’ worth of material assets were used to make most of these products.

  • Conservation Corner - A New Year’s Resolution:

    By Eileen Bowers Special to the Beacon

  • Good News On Recycling

  • My foray into horse ownership

    For the record, I have always been a sucker for the under dog. Or
    maybe I should say, the under canary......and
    now, the under horse. Plus, I hate bullies.

  • Conservation Corner: CK transitions to a more sustainable future through recycling

    As we all know, transitions are never easy and that holds
    true for Cedar Key’s efforts towards a more sustainable
    future. But let’s look at some numbers that might give us
    some encouragement:
    Now that we know that our community efforts have nearly
    doubled our recycling, let’s look at how we got there,
    problems that ensued and solutions that help us address these
    Community informational meetings were held the last

  • Conservation Corner

    When you’re strolling the Seafood Festival this weekend
    don’t be surprised if you’re approached by one of “The
    Recyclables”, a recycled costume creation by local artist and
    Energy Advisory Panel member, Connie Nelson. “The
    Recyclables” in conjunction with the Cedar Key School are
    again working towards the goal of asking as many American
    citizens as possible to renew for the coming year their personal
    commitment to protect the environment by signing a

  • Sometimes I Wonder……

    By BEV Ringenberg
    ‘Don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder if the
    little bit I try to do to “reduce, reuse, & recycle” can really
    make a difference. With so many of us in this world can we
    really stop the drain on our natural resources? Is there really
    any hope?
    But then, something little happens and my optimism
    returns. This time it happened when I was paging through
    my new 2011 “At-A Glance” Calendar (yep, I’m still stuck

  • Social Security covers every season of life

    By Paul D. Barnes
    Social Security Regional Commissioner, Atlanta, Ga
    The cool winds and changing leaves are telltale signs:
    another autumn has arrived. Sometimes it’s hard to believe
    how quickly the seasons change and the years pass by.
    Whatever season of life you happen to be in, it may be a
    good time to reflect on the protection you have through
    Social Security.
    Each stage of life — from the spring of youth to the summer
    of middle age to the autumn of retirement — comes with

  • Social Security Questions

    By Alice Moses-Turner
    Social Security District Manager, Gainesville, Fl
    Question: What is the earliest age that I can apply for
    Social Security retirement benefits?

    If you want benefits to begin at age 62 — the earliest age
    you can receive reduced retirement benefits, you must be at
    least 61 years and 9 months of age to apply. Keep in mind
    your benefits will be reduced so evaluate your options carefully
    before you decide when to retire, Even if you are not