Today's News

  • Commissioners talk trash

    Cedar Key residents and businesses may soon be charged according to how much garbage they produce. Commissioners voted Tuesday night to proceed with exploration of a unit based pricing scale from current provider WastePro.  If approved, the change in service will take effect May 2010.  Preliminary quotes from WastePro staff include curbside recycling, garbage carts supplied by the company, residential trash removal once per week, and a bulk collection day once per month.

  • Cedar Key TNR reaches 535 cats

    The Cedar Key Trap-Neuter-Return program has accomplished all that it can, said Doreen Bauer of Faraway Inn. Last week, TNR spayed and neutered 34 cats, bringing the total number to 535 Cedar Key cats in three and half years.

    “At this point, there are only about 50 cats left, and those are the smartest, most tricky, and hardest to catch,” Doreen said. “The really smart cats are the ones breeding. Over time, those 50 will turn into a lot more. We can’t do anymore without the community’s help.”

  • Private bus service to start

    A Cedar Key bed and breakfast operator has announced plans to start a private bus company to serve residents in a five-county area.

    Bill Phillips, owner of the Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast, said he is looking to privately fund the bus service. He is looking at purchasing coaches that have on board wi-fi service, television, restrooms and galleys to provide drink and food service to commuters and visitors.

  • CRA finalizes Streets and Utilities plans

    The Cedar Key Community Redevelopment Agency, along with the Cedar Water and Sewer District, is performing the final review for the Phase II Streets and Utilities project. Permits have been applied for and final plans will be completed by the end of the month. The CRA will advertise for bids in February, Director Greg Lang said.  Phase II Streets and Utilities is the largest construction project in the history of Cedar Key and will take approximately 10-12 months to complete.

  • Need a lift to work?

    Nature Coast Transit wants to help Levy County residents get back to work. And if work is not where you live, even if it is in Gainesville, Trenton, or points in between, NCT can help workers and prospective workers get there with federal help.

  • Signs of life returning to proposed hospital


  • Help with heating bills begins Monday

    First there was the cold, so bitter heaters worked continuously for a week.

    Now, as electric bills hit the mailboxes, folks are feeling the heat of an economic squeeze.

    Telephones are working overtime at Central Florida Electric Cooperative, Progress Energy and local agencies that help folks who cannot afford the cost of staying warm.

  • SOAP wants to 'Save Our Art Program'


  • 'Trash to Treasure' is a must see

    More than 75 people turned out to the "Trash to Treasure" art opening Saturday night to see the 47 highly-creative entries, including five from exhibit judge Chick Schwartz.   Chick is a sculptor who works in bronze, cement, wood, ceramics and found objects. His work has been featured in more than 25 one person shows in galleries and museums across the U.S. and Canada.

  • Tin Can Tourists Visit Cedar Key

    If you missed the Tin Can Tourists visit to Cedar Key last week, you missed your chance to see some of the coolest Vintage RV’s in the country. Sunset Isle Campground was the place to be where this eclectic group of nomads were displaying their homes on wheels.  If you’ve never heard of the Tin Can Tourists, I’ll try and give a brief history of the legendary group that got started right here in our home state of Florida. Brief History The Tin Can Tourists were first organized at Desoto Park in Tampa in 1919.