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  • Cedar Key shows why it’s Florida's number one community

    About 200 people turned out in front of City Hall to celebrate Cedar Key’s new title, Florida’s 2009 Rural Community of the Year, at an awards ceremony Feb. 3. The designation comes from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Agency. Opening Ceremonies were conducted by Cedar Key School’s Jr. FFA Chapter. The students demonstrated the performance that recently won them third place in regional competition.

  • Cedar Key from a Bird’s Eye View

    Driving through Cedar Key is a joy for the eyes.  Our small town has done a great job of keeping the Chain Restaurants, the Tract Housing and any sort of Commercial Sprawl that has infected so much of the rest of Florida out of these city streets. When you hear people talk of Cedar Key, you usually hear things like ‘Old Florida’, ‘Untouched’, ‘Original’ or other descriptions which describe a historic small town like ours.

  • Fire Marshal investigates Dock Street fire

    The State Fire Marshal’s office is investigating a fire that broke out on Dock Street earlier this month. The Feb. 12 fire was noticed by two Frog’s Landing patrons as they left the restaurant around 11:30 p.m. The women returned to Frog’s to tell staff that they saw flames in the breezeway that runs below the restaurant between Water’s Edge and Niko’s Bait Shop. While one Frog’s Landing employee called 9-1-1, another grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed to the breezeway.

  • Lighthouse lovers visit the Cedar Keys

    If you were around town this past weekend, you may have noticed a few extra people visiting the island community.

  • Volunteers: saving the islands one piece of trash at a time

    On Jan. 22 Cedar Key Mayor Heath Davis asked three residents to serve on an Energy Advisory Panel to spearhead a citywide, citizen-based conservation movement.

    Faced with many tasks, Tom Deverin, Connie Nelson and Luz Kraujalis decided first to tackle the big project of recycling household and business garbage.

  • The great tides

    When is the best time for fishing? Is it on the spring tide or the neap tide?

    The best time for fishing is on either tide if a person knows where to fish and what kind of fish to fish for.

  • Editorial: 25 years of publishing


     As the Cedar Key Beacon wrapped up its 25th year of serving the island community in September, it seems fitting that Oct. 4-10 marks National Newspaper Week.


  • Letter to the Editor

    Dear Editor,

    The Hathcox Reunion was once again a huge success. The staff at the Island Place could not have been more accomodating: the sightseeing trip; the Ellwood fishing trip.

    I have been a member of the Hathcox and Cedar Key community for over 43 years. I've seen many, many changes; the old Cedar Key is no more, but the lasting relationships with the old families is always a cherished reminder of the 60's to present. Don't lose that special touch of yesteryear.

    Hopefully, we will meet again at the annual Old Timers Celebration.

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 12, 2009

    A new home town

    Dear Editor,

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 19, 2009

    City has done well without restaurant’s help

    Dear Editor,