Today's News

  • TDC to get free advice on marketing Levy County

    The good news is that the Tourism Development Council is going to get free marketing advice and planning to help them better utilize the Visit Florida website’ s services—to the benefit of all of Levy County.

    Visit Florida has chosen Levy County as their next marketing project. They will send a team to learn what the Council needs to attract tourists and how best to do it. After that is determined, they will share their plan with the board and business partners.

  • Now's the time to fish bottom line

    Folks, the news for the week is awesome Spotted Seatrout action. I mean good and it will do nothing but get better,  for the next month. 

    All of our flats are alive and well. The grass has begun to grow back. The bait schools are moving in and the trout are really happy about it. When the trout are happy, our clients are happy. When our clients are happy, our town is busy and well, I think we all know were this is going. Without a happy town, my boat payments don’t get paid. So all’s well at this point. 

  • City attorney resigns

    Cedar Key City Attorney, David Coffey is resigning after working for the city “for well over a decade.”  In a letter received by city officials Tuesday, Coffey said it is effective with the commission's organizational meeting in May, or sooner should the commission prefer an earlier date.

  • The longer I stayed, the more I felt at home

    In my first column for the Cedar Key Beacon I wrote that I fell in love with this island within 15 minutes of arriving here last year on a birthday trip. I know you're supposed to be happy when you're on vacation. But, it was more than a vacation glow. The longer I stayed-and the more often I returned-the more I felt as if I had come home.

    That statement seems crazy because I was born and raised in New York City. But, what I was experiencing was a very different kind of homecoming. It was a return to the heart.

  • Old Florida Celebration of the Arts Promises to be a Sustainable Event

    Submitted by Tom Deverin

    It’s that time of year again to enjoy Cedar Key’s art festival, celebrating its 47th year. This year however, there will be a new approach. The Energy Advisory Panel and festival organizers shared the same vision and commitment to make this year’s festival a sustainable event. A sustainable event conserves and restores resources, honors and supports those involved, adds value to the local economy and educates participants about the benefits of sustainability.

  • Getting to know your 3 City Commission candidates - meet Dale Register

    Name of Candidate: Dale Register

    Political Office Sought: City Commissioner

    Type of Race: Local

    Party Affiliation: (None listed)

    Profession:Retired Telecommunications Manager and currently, partner with Ken Edmunds in Delta Coast Energy Solutions

    Education: Gainesville High School, University of Florida (Electrical Engineering) and M I T (Masters in Management)

  • Getting to know your 3 City Commission candidates - meet Pat O'Neal

    Name of Candidate: Pat O’Neal

    Political Office Sought: Cedar Key City Commission, Seat 3

    Type of Race: Local

    Party Affiliation: None listed

    Profession: Levy County Economic Development Officer

  • Getting to know your 3 City Commission candidates - meet Dave Feigin

    Name of Candidate: Dave Feigin

    Political Office Sought: Cedar Key City Commission Seat #3

    Type of Race: Local

    Party Affiliation: Independent

    Profession: Business Owner

    Education: Graduated High School in 1973. US Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement School and Officer in Charge School.

    Family Information: Married to Cris.

  • Florida Heritage Month Award Winners include Cedar Key’s Resident Poet

    Carol Frost’s latest book, Honeycomb, was recently honored at the Florida Heritage Awards Ceremony in Tallahassee.

    The poet, writer and avid kayak fisherman - when she is not a Professor of English at Rollins College - was part of a group of talented Floridians who received this year’s accolades. They include writers Carl Hiaasen, Mark Mustian, Jose Alvarez, William Culver Hall, Jan Godown Annino, Christina Diaz Gonzalez and Margaret Ross Tolbert.

  • Fun and fundraising at 3rd Annual Paint Out

    The weather could not have been more perfect for the Art Center’s “Paint Out” last Saturday. You may have noticed some of the 13 artists who were working diligently to complete their work — from blank canvas to finished and framed composition — in three hours.