Today's News

  • It's time to talk trash

    Dear Editor, Levy County Friends, Business Owners and Community Leaders,

    As a concerned resident and member of the Cedar Key Energy Advisory Panel (EAP), I am writing to you to encourage you to attend an upcoming educational seminar that is planned for Oct. 22, from 1-3 p.m., at the Cedar Key Community Center on “Alternative Ways to Manage Solid Waste (trash & recycling).” As our waste hauling contract runs out in the spring of 2010, now is the time for us to be thinking about more economical and environmentally friendly ways to manage our solid waste.

  • City to get new bridges

    Christmas has come a little early to Cedar Key and the state Department of Transportation is the Santa bringing three new bridges to town, replacing older, worn bridges considered dangerous and beyond their time. A fourth bridge in the county will also be replaced.  The good news came during the first meeting of the Levy County Board of Commissioners for the fiscal year that started Oct. 1.

  • No roundabout, no T-intersection for Whiddon

    Whiddon Avenue is back in the spotlight again, this time with a new design in mind – keeping it the same as it is, with a few improvements.

    As part of the largest streets and utilities construction project in the history of Cedar Key, the Community Redevelopment Agency committed to redesigning the stretch of Whiddon Avenue that runs the entire length of Cedar Key School, to make it safer for pedestrians, vehicles, boat trailers and golf carts.

  • Fishing Report - Oct. 8

     Hey everyone hope all is well. I had a kinda boring week as far as charters go, but I had by far the most exciting for my business and my overall passion for fishing. My excitement for fishing started early and kinda cruised until I was 19. That’s when the every weekend redfishing kicked in, that’s what it took to kill the bug work all week. To fish one day just didn’t seem fair. I fished my first tournament in Wacassassa Bay in Oct.

  • Judge grants $1.45 million civil theft judgment in Cedar Key Yacht Club Marina Project

    The developer of Cedar Key Yacht Club Marina, a $14.5 million, 100 boat slip project near City Park and Cedar Cove at the end of 2nd Street, has received a partial summary judgment against Jerome D. Mitchell, who absconded with $1,445,000.

    Early this year, Innovated Capital Club at Cedar Key, LLC, began asking escrow agent Jerome D. Mitchell to account for the boat slip deposits he collected.

  • Two survive crash landing in Cedar Key

    A twin engine plane carrying two people crash landed at the Cedar Key Airport Saturday afternoon. Neither the pilot, Mathias H. Ejegaard, 24, nor the passenger, Ezekiel G. Andrews, was injured.

    Bill Tseko of Inverness told police that the plane attempted to land, pulled up and did a fly by, then attempted to land again, touching down about 3/4 the way down the runway. The plane skidded 355 feet before stopping in the saw grass.

  • Cell phone tower contract almost finalized

    Cedar Key residents are a little closer to better cell phone reception, as the city commission and Cedar Key Water and Sewer District Board are in the process of finalizing the agreement with American Tower Corporation.

  • Newlywed charged in wife’s murder, man’s kidnapping

    In October Felicia Ann "Red" Fine, 22, and Charles Edwin Duke, 23, picked up a marriage license. They had been in an off and on relationship for several years.

    They returned from their honeymoon on Nov. 3 and Fine, who worked as a front desk clerk at Island Place in Cedar Key, went to work the next day. Duke did not go to work.

    When she came home, the couple argued about money, alcohol and an unpaid credit card bill at their home near Southwest 95th Avenue.

  • Burial Monday for shooting victim

    Less than two weeks ago Felicia Ann "Red" Fine, 22, married Charles Edwin Duke, 23.

    Wednesday night they argued at their home near Southwest 95th Avenue.

    It ended when he shot her several times, dumped her body at a hunting camp, and took their roommate hostage for more than six hours in a standoff with deputies and Florida Wildlife Commission officers, according to a Levy County Sheriff's Office press release.

  • Hurricane Ida Officials: Take this storm seriously

    Emergency management officials are urging residents to closely monitor Hurricane Ida as it heads into the Gulf of Mexico and makes its way toward the Florida Panhandle.

    “All Floridians should take this storm seriously and not be caught off-guard over the next few days,” said Ruben D. Almaguer, Interim Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management. “Residents across Florida are urged follow the progress of Ida and be prepared to implement their family disaster plans and heed local advisories."