Today's News

  • Cedar Key Postmaster Retires

    After 34 years of dedication, Cedar Key Postmaster Annette Kordgien retired from the United States Postal Service Oct. 1.

  • Airheads converge on Cedar Key

    Airheads from all over the state converged on a 45-acre farm located between Cedar Key and Chiefland last weekend for the Second Annual Suwannee River Tech Day and Camp.

    The international Airheads Beemer Club is for riders who own specific BMW bikes: those with air-cooled engines. Most anything that happens with an Airhead Beemer can be repaired on the side of the road with the tool kit that BMW provides – with the right knowledge, of course.

    That’s why the Airheads motto is “Simple by Choice.”

  • Cedar Key gets permanent weather station

    Technicians completed the two and half week installation of a permanent weather station on the Big Dock tower this week, making Cedar Key the first station in Florida capable of enduring hurricanes up to category 4.

    “Everybody’s been wondering what that mushroom’s been about,” said NOAA contractor Lee Chapin. “That’s why it’s built in that fashion – they hope it will withstand a category 4 hurricane.” The only others like it are in Mississippi and Louisiana, he said.

  • Gallons of grease unleashed into CK sewer

    “We’ve got a grease problem again,” said Jack Hotaling, Cedar Key Water and Sewer District Manager. “Best way to describe it is sabotage.” On Sunday, someone unlawfully dumped approximately 30 to 40 gallons of grease into the sewer system, Hotaling said in a phone interview Tuesday morning.  “Grease destroys the good bacteria that does all the work in the plant,” Hotaling said. “It also clogs the filters and headworks of our structure.

  • CK police get new truck, SWAT gear, automatic rifles

    The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant has arrived and the Cedar Key Police Department is using the $65,723 to prepare for the worst.

    The grant paid for a new Ford F150 truck, three radar units, a speed trailer, one set of tactical ballistic gear, and four bullet-proof vests, said Police Chief Virgil Sandlin.

  • Grease trap requirement to be enforced

    All Cedar Key restaurants are required to have working grease traps, and now the Cedar Key Water and Sewer District is going to enforce that rule.

    The District Board voted unanimously Monday night to send a letter to all restaurant owners, as well as landlords if applicable, informing them that they have 30 days to meet the grease trap requirement, or their water will be shut off. District staff will inspect each restaurant to ensure compliance.

  • Oyster ban halted, for now

    Oysters on the Gulf Coast — including those in lugged by Cedar Key water men — are safe from a proposed federal Food and Drug administration “warm months” ban for now.

    Leslie Sturmer, multi-county aquaculture extension agent, briefed the Levy County Commission on Tuesday on the status of a proposed rule requiring post-harvest processing of oysters or an outright ban on the harvest and sale of oysters from Gulf of Mexico waters from April through October beginning in 2011.

  • Water District November Update

    The FOG Problem FOG: Fats, oils, and grease.  If homeowners, and especially restaurants, pour grease down the drain, the sewer lines become clogged and the beneficial bacteria that do the dirty work at the wastewater treatment plant die off. When this happens, rules of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection require that the District stop disposal of the treatment plant effluent by way of groundwater infiltration, and instead disposing of the effluent into Cedar Key’s surface waters.

  • Jury unanimous: Yearty, Parker guilty

    Levy County Commissioners William Samuel "Sammy" Yearty and Robert Anthony "Tony" Parker were unanimously found guilty by a jury of conspiring and accepting a $10,000 bribe to pay for a trip to New York City in December 2007 in return for favorable treatment of a project proposed by an FBI agent posing as a developer.

    Yearty was also found guilty on a third charge — lying to a federal agent — for denying in an interview that he had accepted a lunch, dinner or gift from anyone.

  • Community Night rescheduled for Dec. 19Cedar Key December Events Calendar

    Cypress Christmas Party - Dec. 14

    Cypress Station in Sumner will hold its annual community Christmas party on Dec. 14 at 4:30 p.m. Santa will bring a present for every child between the ages 0-11 and refreshments will be served.  

    Sign-up at the store by Friday, Dec. 11 to ensure Santa brings enough gifts for everyone. 


    4-H Christmas party - Dec. 14