Today's News

  • Thanking your customers

    Showing your customers you appreciate them goes a long way to instilling loyalty, yet so few businesses make this extra effort. Just look at it from the customer’s perspective. If all you ever see or hear from a company is a bill, you are not going to feel a particularly strong sense of endearment to that company.

    Some business owners think an occasional e-mail to clients is adequate, especially if it is sent by one of their staff members. However, I strongly recommend that you, the owner, personally call and thank your clients.

  • The Granola Chronicle

    When I was younger, my mother used to make home made granola cereal. I don’t really know what started it - probably to save money. 

    Now that I buy my own groceries, I want to save money - leaving more money for adult beverages. I am appalled by the price of cereals and even more so, the price of granola - dinky little bags for easily $5 a bag.

  • Visitors need restrooms, too

    If Cedar Key depends greatly on visitors’ spending, why are visitors denied access to public restrooms?  

    Last Saturday, I brought three children from Gainesville to fish on the pier.  The pier was filled with many sight seeing and fishing visitors.  The police locked the restrooms at 6 p.m. when the pier was filled with people.  

    Yes, I know the bars have restrooms but I am sure it’s not the best practice to drag children and family in to use restrooms, when not a customer.  

  • A "Thank You" for honoring our military

     The members of Cedar Key Volunteer Fire & Rescue would like to send a big “thank you” to all who helped make our military recognition project a huge success. When we set out to do this project, we wanted to make an impact on the community as they crossed the Number 4 Bridge. We had no idea just how big of an impact it would have. 

    First, we would like to say thank you to the men and women of the Cedar Key area who have enlisted in the military to help protect our freedom. We are extremely proud of you all. 

  • Flags warm hearts of soldiers' moms

    I was in Gainesville a few days last week, and before I left Friday morning to come home, my friend, Gail called to tell me about the display of our military names and flags. Upon riding into town and seeing it, she got chills and started to cry. 

  • Grant purchases school admin's iPads

    A non-agenda item highlighted Tuesday’s School Board of Levy County meeting.

  • Earth: Making a life on a tough new planet

     Most of us are familiar with this practice:  a nonfiction author writes a book about a current event or issue and the book is published.  Then, maybe five to ten years later, the book is republished with a “New Introduction” so the author can discuss changes that have occurred since the book was originally released.

  • And the winner is........

     Marine Corp League Representative Ivan Chubb announced Wednesday that the winning ticket number for the guitar that was raffled off this weekend at the Celebrate Cedar Key event. 

    The winning ticket number is 660487. You can contact Mr. Chubb at 352-528-3328 to redeem your brand new, still-in-the-box  Rogue 6-string acoustic guitar.

    Mr. Chubb will deliver it to you, if you wish, and it comes with a free mini-guitar lesson of Roy Orbinson's "Sweet Dreams Baby."



  • Summer words of wisdom: Fish hard or just stay home

    Happy late Independence Day to all my fishing friends. What a great weekend here on the island — good friends, good families and some dang good fishing. Kinda sums up how our island takes care of a holiday weekend.

  • Getting to know Officer McMullen

    There was once a real estate appraiser in a large city on the west coast of Florida getting pressured by banks to “help us make the numbers work.” 

    So he decided after many years in the business to close shop, mail his license back to Tallahassee and instead, become a police officer. Nine years ago, at the age of 55, that man was Officer John McMullen.