Today's News

  • Trouble in Cedar Key: Thoughts on the written word

    Have you ever thought about thinking? Have you ever thought about experiencing? How do you think and experience? Do you do it in words? Thoughts and experiences don't come in words. You can be illiterate yet you think and experience. You don't need to be able to read and write to enjoy a meaningful life.

  • Fishing Lines: Timely rains

    In spite of searing heat the recent timely rains are keeping our inshore water temperatures from rising. Last year at this time the water temps were nearly five degrees higher. An old timer once told me, "Heavy rain sweetens the water and improves the bite." Well I am sure that it improves the mosquito bite as well as the fish.Seems to be true this year as the trout and redfish bite seems to be above average for early August.

  • Reflections: The Apple iPhone's competition

    There are a whole new category of cell phones hitting the market lately. The most recent and innovative is the Apple iPhone. It is probably the closest thing to a hand held, portable computer there is yet.

    There are other new innovative cell phones, too, that have nearly the capabilities of the iPhone but none really match up as equal. For one, the iPhone is 3G. That's nearly as good as your desktop computer on DSL. Yes, the iPhone is full Internet capable and does not even need a keyboard.

  • Summer Shark: A waterlogged weekend

    Even though I have spent my whole life in Cedar Key and live only minutes away from a beach, as well as dozens of publicly accessible islands, I hardly ever take advantage of these blessings. But when I do, I have nothing but a fun, great time. One recent weekend I did just that! To start things off, I celebrated my cousin's thirteenth birthday. This was when the waterlogged weekend began. My whole family got together for a big birthday pool party, complete with pizza and cake, a universal favorite. The following day, we all caravanned up to Ichetucknee Springs to go tubing.

  • Cedar Key Lions clean up SR 24

    They gathered by dawn's early light. Armed with gloves, grippers, trash bags, Swamp Buddy and Deet, Cedar Key Lions and volunteers Debbie and Marvin Franks, Sara and Lannie Cardona, Jennie Pinto, Susan Hollandsworth, Judy Duvall, Rory Brennan (not pictured), and Adopt-a-Road project coordinator Gina Montgomery collected 14 bags weighing over 150 lbs of trash from alongside the Lions Club's adopted 2 mile stretch of Rt 24 approaching Cedar Key's #4 bridge. "With two Lions per mile on each side of the road , it took no time at all," said Lions President Rory Brennan.

  • Levy County millage rate stays same

    Levy County's property tax millage rate will remain at its current rate - 7.4212 mills - for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1

    That's good news for property tax owners. But the bad news for Levy County is that employees won't get a raise and it will have to spend its entire emergency reserve fund, to balance a reduced budget at that tax rate.

  • Reflections: The way things ought to be but aren't

    It is obvious humans do not learn from their mistakes. And, you'd think we would learn from others, too, but we tend to repeat stupid things over and over even when we know better.

  • True Faith: Better to build than destroy

    "Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good?" (1 Peter 3:13 NIV)

    Do you remember the Cold War? The super power of the United States of America struggled relentlessly against the super power of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics that was perceived to be in pursuit of turning the entire world over to the rule of the Communist Party. The USA had its strong democratic, market economy allies during those decades and the USSR had its block of Communist countries leaning toward the doctrines of Marx and Lenin.

  • Fishing Lines: Careful with those big fish

    The big fish are here and they are hungry.

  • Trouble in Cedar Key: Time for a field Trip

    It was time for a field trip. Some days past, not that many, I set out over Number Four Bridge. It had been a couple days since the rains of recent weeks had passed and the onslaught of more rain was some time in the future. This was in the in-between time. The weather was nice, bordering on hot, and were it not for the midday breeze, it would have been tepid. It was perfect for a ride through the countryside and the woods.