Today's News

  • Aquaculture says it will monitor illegal dump site

    Cedar Key's  aquaculture group says it wants to help with illegal dumping in the city.
    Household trash and cover nets have been dumped in the Shell Pile area behind the marina on State Road 24 for years, according to local officials.

    But Ken Edmunds, of the Cedar Key Aquaculture Association, said he thinks he has a solution for the dump site. Edmunds offered for the association to monitor the area on a regular basis for six months, beginning right after Coastal Clean up, an annual event aimed at cleaning America's coasts.  

  • Skiffin’ about

    Leslie Fine and Bobby Witt cruised over to the dock of Kona Joe’s one afternoon for lunch in this skiff Bobby built, complete with an umbrella to keep Leslie out of the sun.

  • Raising ovarian cancer awareness one teal toe at a time

    Summer is when most women and girls’ feet look their best and their toes have some color on them, and for years, red was THE color. But recently you may have seen an unusual color highlighting local toes – teal blue.

    Just as pink is THE color to remind the world about breast cancer awareness, now, the color teal is trying to do the same for ovarian cancer.

  • Alaskan fishing with friends

    Cedar Key may be the “Clam Capital of the World.” However, Homer, Alaska, is the official halibut capital of the world. In fact, like Cedar Key’s clam claim, there’s a sign at the city limits that says so.

  • Close brush with Irene; better luck with reds

     Well, here we are looking at celebrating Labor Day, and it seems like just last month we were doing the same thing. I tell ya, when your livin’ the life of a Cedarkeyian, time just flies by. So all I have to say is “play hard” and “play safe!” 

  • Susan Coffin is carved in stone

    As a youngster growing up in Canada, Susan Coffin was well aware of the Inuit custom of carving animals. It was something she learned about at the age of nine, when she received a carved stone duck.

  • Kayak Cedar Keys entering its 8th year in business

    Tom Leibert and his wife, Sherry, began their kayak rental business eight years ago and business continues to look up.

  • Police activity runs the gamut

    Cedar Key Police Chief Virgil Sandlin reports a range of arrests and warrants in the past couple weeks. Once again, drugs, trespassing, DUI’s and some vandalism prevailed.

  • Sometimes you just can’t believe what you read

     Hopefully, many of you have “taken the challenge” that we suggested in the March 2010 issue of Conservation Corner and are now using reusable grocery bags, as much as possible.  As we reported in that article, an average family uses over 550 bags each year, most of which are used only once before they become trash or litter.  

  • No license means golf cart driving prohibited

     C. C. of Cedar Key writes: “I fell behind on my child support payments and the State of Florida’s Department of Revenue suspended my driver’s license. It’s going to take me a month or so before I’ll be able to get it back. I can still drive my Golf Cart around the city of Cedar Key, can’t I?”