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  • Cancer survivor warns of tobacco’s danger



  • City holds off on action on cat sanctuary

    A cat sanctuary in Cedar Key, supported by the efforts and pocketbook of Oliver and Doreen Bauer, will continue to operate. But the city will seek County Animal Services' advice on ways to reduce the sanctuary's population and ways to mitigate problems brought on by keeping a large number of animals in a confined space.

  • A night of the arts

     The Cedar Key Arts Center hosted Libby Cagle in the Member's Gallery, and Bill Roberts in the Main Gallery on Saturday. The opening was well attended. 

  • Ongoing Events

    Garbage and trash pickup

  • Community Calendar for the week of Nov. 10


  • Sour attitude creeps in on constant wind

    Wind, wind, and, oh yeah, more wind. That's the report for the week.

    It seems that the wind has just decided it would blow every day. Y'all have to excuse my sourness, but it’s kinda’ cramping my style a bit.

    And the grouper guys, man, hey let's open the season for a month or so. And what happens almost the entire time is 20 to 25 knot winds. I'm sure the beloved protected goliath grouper will keep the grouper catching covered for the offshore guys—until they get a chance to get out.

    Ok, I'm done crying.

  • Shark News for the week of Nov. 10, 2011

    Cross Country Team Wraps Up Season

    By LAUREN BARTHOLEMY, Shark Correspondent

    Cedar Key Cross Country season is officially over for both varsity and middle school. Thursday, Nov. 3, Districts were held at Oak Hall school, in Gainesville.

  • Time for a fall road trip

    Some days back, not that many, the weather chilled off in North Central Florida. This chill followed a couple of showers on the Cedar Keys. Not only did it get cold, it became windy, quite windy here on the Gulf Coast.

    Lows were around fifty degrees and mid-day highs were in the sixties for several days. Even though the sun shown through, the winds created a chill that made it unbearable without covering most of the body with layers of clothing.

  • Do I have to share the road with bicyclists?

    H.W. of Cedar Key writes, “You’ve been writing about golf carts lately, but I have a beef about another kind of nuisance on the roadways... bicycles. There’s this guy who rides his bicycle about in the middle of the road all the time and I’m tired of it. Isn’t he supposed to get out of MY way, not the other way around? Who has the right-of-way on State Road 24 coming into town...my car or his bike?”

    Dear H. W.,

  • Energy Advisory Panel’s school projects come to fruition

    On Oct. 27, the Cedar Key School picked up roadside litter for the first time as part of the State’s Adopt-a-Highway program. Sue Penney heads up this program for the school. Eight students, all of whom are Student Government Association members, volunteered along with two teachers and four Energy Advisory Panel (EAP) volunteers. All the volunteers participated in the required safety program that was provided by Karen Webster from the Florida F.D.O.T.