Today's News

  • Levy Health Department prepares for back-to-school Swine Flu

    As Students head back to school next week, The Levy County Health Department is preparing for potential widespread Novel H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreaks as soon as school starts.

    “We know we’re going to have clusters of outbreaks when school starts next week,” said Barbara Locke, Levy County Health Department Administrator.

    “We’re preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,” Locke said. “We expect to see clusters of cases – maybe five to 10 at this school one week, and then another five to 10 at that school.”

  • Fishing Report - Aug. 20

     Hello to Cedar Key and its far away visitors. Fishing this week seemed to have picked up.

    I was out this morning and we were able to catch some nice reds.

  • Community turns out to Stuff the Bus

    The Rosewood Dollar General team including Miss Stella, Mister John, Laurie, Brandon, and Gidget spent last Saturday collecting several bags of school supplies from customers to help Cedar Key teachers as part of the annual Levy County Schools Foundations fundraiser.

    They also collected the left over change from people’s purchases. The change, combined with other cash donations, added up to $120. The money will be given to teachers as $5 and $25 gift cards.

  • Bringing broadband to Levy might broaden horizons

    Bringing wireless internet to Levy County will provide a major boost to the economy, officials with the newly formed North Florida Broadband Authority say.

    “It’s a very large variable when it comes to attracting new businesses,” Pat Lien, project leader for NFBA, said.

    According Lien and other experts, many new businesses will turn away from areas unable to provide such services.

    But he also said broadband would increase opportunities for at-home businesses.

  • Cedar Key Water and Sewer District Update

     New Commissioner Selected

  • I’m going green - one step at a time

    A few months ago you may have notice that I went green – in a big way.

    I traded my cash for a clunker. That’s right, it’s a reused vehicle – 11 years old. It’s a pretty safe green van, too. I found that out when an even bigger clunker – driven by a pajama-clad teenager – rammed into my previous van of the same model, disrupting my plans to drive that beloved vehicle beyond the 300,000 mile mark (I only had about 22,000 to go). She took that clunker off the road without any help from the government.

  • Fishing Report - Aug. 27

    Hello to all our Cedar Key guests and to our locals, howdy.

    This week I would like to start by saying thanks to everyone for all the kind words about the fishing reports. Anyone that knows me knows I'm no ritter (haha) but I do love to talk fishin.

  • Conservation Corner - Q & A about Solar Energy

    Over the last two months we have shared background information about solar energy, solar water heaters and solar electric panels.  Now we’d like to answer some of your questions.


    Question 1:  OK, so I’m convinced I would be doing something good for the environment in the long run, but how much is it going to cost me now?

  • Capt. Danny's Fishing report - Sept. 3

    Hey there everyone. Man, what a week I had the other side of fishing.

    Fishing reports are great. And fishing shows are really neat, very informative and entertaining –a lot like fishin’ reports should be.

    But there is a lot of drama behind it all. This week I was able to hit the water four days – three Cedar Key trips an’ one day in Steinhatchee. All days were great fishing (of course) but I had both my color GPS units go back to lowrance, my trolling motor breaks, an’ my 225 mercury blows a head gasket.

  • Owls work the night shift

    The Friends and staff of the Lower Suwannee & Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuges held an Open House last Saturday at the Suwannee Community Center in the town of Suwannee.

    Normally held at the Cedar Key NWR, this was the first time the annual event took place in Dixie County.

    “We wanted to give people over here an opportunity to get to know the Refuge,” said Refuge Manager John Kasbohm. “Based on the turnout we’ll probably rotate years – one year in Cedar Key, one here in Suwannee.”